Yay, movies!

November 2, 2014

The yearly Bazooka video went off this week. This is the third time that I’ve attended Bazooka’s film screening. Here’s the other posts, “A movie about Harry Potter and Dexter” and “Skandia with bazooka”.

This time around we saw the twilight girl in Guantanamo bay and it’s called Camp X-ray. It was pretty good actually. Though I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t really like the boring middle part. I’ve discussed this with others who’ve watched the movie, and they had the excellent conclusion that it’s supposed to be boring, to capture the feeling.

Comic-con gamex 2014


I had initially tried to add this content into this post, but it became too lengthy and I had to cut it off, or put it into it’s own post. So read it, weep, and something.

FitBit Flex

I got a FitBit last week. Actually I got two, one for me, and one for Paulina. The primary reason I got it was to track sleep. People Paulina’s told me that I snore a lot, and I wanted to see if it’s a huge problem for me. And apparently it is. On any given day I seem to be “restless” ten to twenty times per night. Paulina on the other hand isn’t “restless” at all. (There’s three metrics, sleeping, restless and awake, I’m not really sure on the differences between restless and awake).

After breaking the screen on my Lumia 925, I bought a new Lumia 735 to replace it. The fitbit flex lies next to it.

Obviously, after getting the FitBit, Microsoft announces (and releases, but only in the US) their own fitness band, the Microsoft Band. I’m really excited about the band, mostly because of the sensors (there are ten sensors within the device, everything from temperature to heart-rate monitoring) and the price.

After breaking my Lumia 925 last week, I contemplated on switching to either Android or IOS, because I was frankly getting a bit tired on Microsoft not developing their platform fast enough (on IOS you can send and receive text-messages from the computer, this should have been added to the windows phone platform on day one). But I really liked the new Microsoft Band, and even though they’ve added support to all three platforms, I felt like I wanted to stick to the Windows OS.

I did, however, not want to spend a fortune on a new high end phone. I found the Lumia 735 cheap enough, but not too slow. I got the white one, ever since the Lumia 800, and then the Lumia 920, I wanted the white versions, but because of reasons (mostly release delays) I’ve gotten other devices instead. But the 735 follows the same design as the earlier mentioned models, and it really does look good in white.