When frozen white water rains down.

December 21, 2014

My vacation continues, and so does doing nothing, but we did get some snow, so I’ve got that going for me. Except it came from nowhere, and just as unexpected, it disappeared.


Obviously, when the snow got thick, I had to go out. I put on my winter gear, which is way too hot for the weather (it was barely under 0°C). At first, when I got out, it was alright, but a quick walk around the neighbourhood, it felt like walking in a sauna.


And as you can notice, I rebuilt the front end for my blog. I basically threw out all the old css, and started from scratch, this time around I used SASS, and to make it a bit more interesting, I switched from my normal Sublime Text editor to Atom.io — which works surprisingly well.

Now, about the theme; you could say it’s still in beta, because I’ve only worked on it for two days. I decided to throw out all the things that slowed the site down, and to only keep the bare minimum. The only thing that I haven’t yet reimplemented is the search (Sorry Dennis!).

I’ve also change the blue a bit, making it a bit more pastell, and added a new accent color; orange — for links and actions.


And of course, as I’m writing this, there’s no snow left, everything melted the following day.