Went fishing

June 9, 2011

So today was the second the we could enjoy 30ish degree celsius weather, I’ve decided to be outside more this summer, the last two summers I’ve almost exclusively been inside playing games 😀

Yesterday I bought the cheapest fishing rod I could find, it was 3,90€ @ 3 meters, a little too short for my taste. So today I bought my second fishing rod, 6m @ 9,90€, so it wasn’t such a big loss.

Anyway, caught a lot of fish, mostly perch, at first we just threw them back, considering we didn’t need food, and mostly because we were outside to enjoy the weather.

After around 20 catch and releases we ran out of worms as bait, so we slaughter a few fishes and used their meat as bait, which worked, but it wasn’t really that good.

All in all, we caught maybe 25-30, not really that bad considering it was the second time (yesterday the first time) I’ve been fishing in the last, maybe, 10 years.

[Update, 10.06.2011]

My good friend Carlos blogged about visiting us while we were fishing 🙂