Well this is a bit embarrassing

May 31, 2015

You know how I usually have a lot of things to tell and talk about? Well, I kind of spent my whole week just watching streams on Twitch. You might wonder what Twitch is, and I’ll tell you: it’s basically a site were you watch other people play games.

Why would anyone do this, I imagine you’re asking yourselves. And it pretty much boils down to this: if you don’t have anything interesting to play (or anything constructive to do), it’s pretty fun just watching other people playing. Most of my readers are probably old enough to remember the way a lot of games used to be played, you went over to a friends house, and sat beside them at their computer (probably an old 486 or something similar) and just watch them play the latest PC games, nowadays, in the golden time of the internet, people don’t meet each other in the real life, so to keep the old tradition going, instead of actually walking over to a friends house, you tune in to a random person’s live stream.

I’ve known about twitch for quite some time, but to be honest, I didn’t really see the point with it, it actually amused me a bit that there was such a service. Yet once I actually tried it, I was completely hooked, I’ve spent probably a good 20+ hours on it just this week.

So while I was sitting and watching a couple of streams, I really wanted to do some co-op couch gaming with a friend. I called up a Christian from Vaasa with whom I’ve spent countless of hours playing games with, I asked him if he was interested in getting together for a gaming weekend sometime. His response was the best I could’ve hoped hoped for; Sure, how about this weekend?

And so, Christian took the train down to Helsinki and spent the weekend here, we got ourselves a couple of games and played through them. It was awesome. We also consumed more Coca-Cola than I care to admit.

And that’s it for this week. Sorry. The top image is one of very few pictures that I’ve taken this week, so while it’s totally unrelated to the content, I still wanted to show something.