Weekend of celebrations

June 29, 2015

This post is a wee bit late, I’ve been in Vaasa for two birthday parties. One for my nephew, who turned one, and one for my dear friend Linus and his girlfriend Mickon, who both turned thirty this year. We got back Sunday evening, and I didn’t feel like going through 500 pictures, and then writing a blog post about it, so that’s why I decided to postpone it. I did however start working on the images, and to my horror I noticed that I had accidentally removed 50 or so pictures, some of which I really wanted. So I spent an hour or two rescuing data from my SD card.

Anyway, we left Helsinki Friday afternoon, the city was crawling with people, since not only was the pride-march going on, but also the Tuska festival took place this same weekend. It’s a bit of a bummer that I missed the pride walk, since I’ve covered heavily the Stockholm version (I’ve also missed the Helsinki Zombie walk, which also was a major bummer).


The train ride was really stress free and the time flew by, when we got to Vaasa, Paulina’s mom picked us up. Apparently there was a Laestadian meet up going on in Vaasa, with, what I heard, 75,000 followers, effectively doubling the population of Vaasa. Being curious as I am, we had to go check it out. It was held on Söderfjärden, which is a crater from a meteorite some 640 million years ago.

First we just headed for the actual meet-up, but when we got there, you couldn’t really see the size of it. So we back tracked and headed for Öjberget, which is a small, man-made hill for skiing located north of the meteor crater.


Öjberget is a rather small hill, and when you get to the foot of it, you instantly think you’ll be able to just run up, this is sadly not the case, at least not for me, while it’s not as bad as Hammarbytoppen, it’s still pretty tough getting up. Paulina and Jaana were a bit slower than I was, but I used the technique of just keeping the same speed through out the climb, which I think helped a lot. Though when I finally got up, I would’ve rather just lie down and breath for a moment than climbing the stairs up the lookout tower, but I opted to just get it done.

As you can see, there’s a long line of caravans just waiting to get in.

Since I couldn’t get a good picture of the sheer size of the meet-up, here’s an image from one of Vaasa’s pilots flying over the crater, “The sun is setting over Söderfjärden and Suviseurat.” by NK Flights.

Anyway, the evening exercise meant that I’d get a good night’s sleep, which I did.

Tobias, one year old

Saturday morning, we woke up and drove to Laihia. It’s interesting that since I don’t drive on a regular basis, I’ve been afraid that I’d lose my ability to drive, or rather forget parts of it. But every time I sit down at the steering wheel, everything comes back as if I’d drive on a regular basis. And now, three years using nothing but public transportation, driving a car is a really freeing sensation.

Can you tell what brand of cars they like?

When we got to my sister’s house, we were greeted by the family. When we got in to the house, we noticed that A. Tobias is a lucky child, he had easily around 30 gifts already, and B. my sister is great at anything she sets out to do. She had prepared a multitude of different cakes and all of them looked great.


On the subject of things that my sister has made, I also got some time to check out the playhouse she built from scratch for Tobias. And when I say from scratch, I mean it, she had ordered a bunch of wood, and built it, without any real schematics or the likes.


Anyway, I could probably write a blog post alone on how great my sister is, but I’ll leave the subject for now. This should be about Tobias, so I’ll switch to that subject instead.

I only saw him a couple of months ago, but children do have a tendency to grow quite fast, Tobias being no exception. He’s started to talk, or at least somewhat, in his own language, but you can tell that he’s at least interested in communicating with the rest of the world.


When he finally got to opening his gifts, he liked his first gift so much that he probably spent 15 minutes playing with it, without even noticing the mountain of other gifts beside him. I guess when you’re so young, you’re easily entertained.


Later on the afternoon, when there were only grown ups left, everybody sat in the living room discussing adult things. Tobias crawled around, playing with a car toy. I was on the floor taking pictures, and he didn’t mind me. He kept going further and further from the rest of the people, and I kept taking pictures, letting him do what ever he wanted to.

Then he finally noticed that the door to the terrace was open, and off he went.


Me being the photographer, did not intervene. Though I did love the pictures of him crawling out. I let him enjoy the freedom of doing what he wanted, but when I noticed that no one else was watching him — I guess they thought I did, I went out and carried him back in.

Linus & Mickon, thirty years old

After one party, on to the next.

Linus, being one of my dearest friends, turned thirty this year, as did his girlfriend Mickon, so they held a combined party. I brought my camera gear and a bag of beer. Sadly, in my intoxicated state, I forgot to take pictures, and soon we left for the bars.


I did however, thoroughly enjoy myself, which I guess is what’s important. At first I felt a bit misplaced, I didn’t follow the same dress code as everyone else. Me, being who I am, showed up in a t-shirt and comfortable clothes, while everyone else were dressed up completely.


Getting back

I woke up a bit hung over, not overly hung over, but a bit. I was scared shitless that I’d get my infamous headache, and having a headache on a warm train would probably be on my top ten list of things I never want to experience.

So I took a couple of painkillers in hope that I wouldn’t have to endure a train ride through hell. The first stretch, Vaasa – Seinäjoki, was pretty bad, we had to go with an older train that didn’t have air conditioning, which meant that it was really hot, and as we got to Seinäjoki, I remembered that this weekend the festival Provinssi had taken place in Seinäjoki, and I feared the train would be full of semi-drunk people.


And yes, the train did get completely full, but everybody was pretty calm and quiet. I decided to spend the 3 hour train ride with a book. I’ve generally had problems reading when I’m in transit, I get this nauseous feeling, but interestingly enough, I had none of it.


I think this train ride comes down as one of the quickest in my life, although I did get through a couple of hundred pages of my book, the hours just flew by, and when I noticed that we were only 5 minutes from Helsinki when I stopped reading, I was relieved that I hadn’t had any problems with my head at all.

And the feeling of getting home, lying down on the couch, was indescribable. Had a great weekend, but not much can compare to the feeling when you get home to your own apartment.