Wanting to play more games, but can’t find the right one

September 14, 2013

I got a text message from an old friend earlier this week where he asked if I was up for some Halo 4 gaming, sadly I had an headache that day, so I had to take a rain check. I haven’t played as much games as I’d want to lately, mostly because I almost exclusively like multiplayer games, preferably with some one I know over headsets. I don’t know what’s up with everybody, but all the people that I usually team up with have been offline for quite some time, but then again, there hasn’t really been a great multiplayer game since Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Though I did decide to pick up the controller this Friday to casually play some Halo, but, my biggest problem with Halo is that I can’t play it casually, not since Halo 2, it’s one of the few games that I become almost obsessed with winning. I get super competitive (this is pretty unusual for me, there’s only a few select games that I honestly care about my scores), and because I haven’t played that much this last year, and I haven’t really played any Halo 4 at all, I of course suck quite badly. I only manage to play a few rounds before I get bored of losing or alternatively, though more unlikely, I’ve been on a winning spree, and I’m afraid that I’ll lose the flow into a failing streak, so I just stop.


Halo aside, a game that I’m really good at playing without caring what the outcome will be is GTA, a game where I usually get so relaxed that I don’t even bother finishing the story mode. I usually only play so far that I’ve unlocked the complete map, and after that I go on all-city rampage, I believe I’ve had this strategy with all GTA games except the last one, GTA IV, of which I’ve only played briefly. The next version of the game, GTA V, is set to be released next week, and in all honesty, I haven’t really cared about it that much, until I looked up what kind of multiplayer, and after I heard that the game will support up to 16 players, I, needless to say, got pretty psyched about it. In other words, GTA V is the first game in 2013 that I’m actually looking forward to play, and the best part is, I’ll only have to wait a few more days!