Walking around

May 24, 2015

Pikku Katti, a small, enjoyable little neighborhood bar in Lauttasaari. One of the things that I was really happy about in Sweden was the fact that most pubs and bars kept the music volume in control, allowing for conversation between the guests. Something which never happens at any of the pubs back in Vaasa. Pikku Katti keeps the music so low that you almost forget that it’s there, just like it should be. And the best part is that it’s located in my block on Lauttasaari.

Pint of beer

The pub is really small, it could probably only fit around 20 people, at most, but they do have a terrace outside, which adds quite a lot to the total capacity. I’ve visited the place a couple of times the last week or so, and I’ve gotta say that it’s probably my all time favorite pub.

Xbox One Preview Dashboard

Right, so I was sitting in the couch, minding my own business when I read that there was a new app for the Xbox One, Wireless display. In other words, you should be able to send your screen from your computer, tablet or phone to the Xbox One which then renders it on the TV (Miracast). This was something I had to try; only problem was that the app was only available as a closed beta through the Xbox Preview Dashboard, of which I don’t have access to.

I thought it would’ve been no harder than just registering for the program, but, as it turns out, the preview program is an invite only thing. So you need to know someone already enrolled to the program that can then invite you. Problem is, I don’t know anyone in the program. Luckily, I have twitter, and so I turned to it, and within a couple of hours I had been invited.

Let me know if you want me to invite you!

The sad thing is though, once enrolled, I couldn’t wait to try the wireless display app in it’s full glory, but, as it turns out, even though my laptop should support WiDi, my drivers think otherwise, and I was unable to update them from the stock drivers for some unknown reason. I spent an hour fiddling around, but couldn’t get it to work, so I gave up. But I could stream from my Windows Phone without a hitch, which was, eh, fun? But not what I wanted.

My neighborhood

I’ve been looking through google maps, and there’s this park in southern Lauttsaari that I’ve been meaning to visit for some time now, I just haven’t bothered to, but Paulina and Vera was going to go out for a walk, and I decided to join them.

Kite surfers that are taking advantage of the strong winds.

The weather was crazy, it kept changing every 5 minutes, from sunshine to heavy rain, we even had some hail coming down at one point. My gear isn’t weather proof, so I had to put away the camera every time it started to pour down, which is a shame, since storm-like weather is something that is really photogenic. Anyway, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the park from where I live, and if you walk by the water, there’s always something to look at.

I have a hard time imagining living somewhere where there’s no water, all my life (expect when I lived in Germany) I’ve been close to the sea, and there’s something really refreshing standing by the sea, feeling the winds, the rawness, it put things in perspective.

Paulina’s enjoying the view, and the weather.

The nature in southern Finland is really different to the one up north, it’s kind of hard to explain, but it feels like it’s more “natural”, even though that doesn’t make much sense, I guess it’s partly because Ostrobothnia is mostly flat-lands, which makes everything pretty dull. There’s actually a pretty distinctive place just after Turku when all the hills and rocks disappear, and you enter long stretches of nothing (assuming you’re going by car along the coast).

Sailboats are so common in southern Finland that you’d have a hard time looking out at the sea without spotting at least one.

Earlier this week, Lauttsaari got covered by fog, nothing weird about that, except that the fog didn’t look like fog, it looked more like a sandstorm, because you could actually see the individual “clouds” moving across ground, the sun was still shining, which gave it an even more eerie feeling. When I noticed this phenomenon, I started packing my bag to head out and try to capture it.

As soon as I had set up my tripod, the fog vanished almost as quickly as it appeared, so there I stood, like an idiot. The funny thing is, Finnish people are quite known for not being that social, but as I tried to compose for some random picture (I though I might as well try to get something from going out) a random by-passer stopped and started talking with me about photography, and if I was interested in shooting real-estate for him, I gracefully declined since I only do it as an hobby, and besides, I’d probably suck pretty badly at it.

Filler content \o/

Anyway, I’m really happy about the location we’ve decided to live in, there’s not all too many places like this, and having all of this so near is something I’m sincerely thankful for.

New sneakers

So finally I’ve gotten a new pair of sneakers. I’m not much for fashion, but there is a pair of things that I do indeed care quite a lot about when it comes to clothing, and those can be summed up by “T-shirts and sneakers”. And to be more specific, the sneakers have to be white.

Just before we moved from Stockholm, I had to get a new pair of shoes, and because I didn’t want to break the bank at that particular moment, I did something I usually would never do, I got a pair of blue sneakers (they were the cheapest on sale). A decision I kind of regretted the moment I got out of the store, I’ve even been asked by friends what was up with the odd choice.

I’ve generally got two kinds of sneaker types I go after, either Nike Air Force Ones (only the original mid’s from 1982), which are really expensive, and really warm, I’ve had a couple of them, and the biggest problem is that they start smelling pretty badly, I’ve never actually had a pair which got so worn out that I had to lose them, but instead I’ve had to throw them away because of the smell.

The other type is Adidas Stan Smith’s — or look-a-likes, great shoes, but the fake ones are usually of pretty bad quality, and get worn out within a couple of months, the originals though, they are great, the main problem with them is actually not that they get worn out, or that they start smelling, but after a year or so, the rubber on the sole become really stiff and uncomfortable.

Nike - Son of force sneakers
I got myself a light stand and a couple of umbrellas for product photography, and they’ve already come to great use.

Well this time around I tried something kind of new, I say “kind of” because they look a lot like Air Force Ones. It’s the Nike – Son of Force (obviously white on white), a modern take on the 1982 classics, they do come in mid’s, but I decided for the low version instead, hoping that I won’t overheat in them. They’re really comfortable and if I might say so myself, really nice looking.