Vodka and pancakes

May 11, 2014

This Friday we extended our apartment lease for another 6 months — until November — this means that once the new contract is up we’ve lived in the apartment for two years and in Sweden they have a lot of strange laws which might mean that we’ll have to move come November.

I have no idea what we’re going to do once the lease is up, but I guess that’ll be a problem I’ll have to tackle in 6 months.

Man in the moon

I went to a bar with a few friends called Man in the moon (for those with a good memory I actually mentioned the bar last year — Hamburgers and other stuff).

Man in the moon

The bar specializes in different types of beer. Me not being really acquainted with the finer arts of drinking beer decided to just drink regular beer while my friends went with a lot of strange beverages.

Just as we were about to leave we checked out the spirit offerings on the menu. While I don’t have an acquired taste for beer, I do like my vodka. We found one that sounded interesting, “Nils Oscar Maltvodka”. I decided not to get anything more, and that’s when I noticed that Magnus already stood at the bar ordering up three glasses of the vodka.

It smelled like any vodka, but the taste was really good, it was very mild and had almost no after taste. As I got home I checked Systembolaget (state controlled alcohol seller) to see if they carried it. They do have it on their website, but they don’t sell it in their stores, you need to pre-order a bottle. And based on the price it seems to be a semi-high quality vodka, it costs around 440SEK per bottle, and I’m pretty surprised a bar served it because I’m more used to being served Absolute Vodka and the likes.

Breakfast for champions


As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to like pancakes more and more. Paulina on the other hand doesn’t like them at all. But every once in a blue moon she makes them just to make me happy, and such a blue moon appeared this Sunday morning.

It. Was. Delicious.