Virtual reality, hamburgers and playing games.

October 19, 2014

Bazooka had ordered a couple of Oculus Rift DK2 some months ago, and they arrived this Thursday. I’ve really looked forward to playing around with Oculus ever since I first read about them.


The installation was anything but straight forward, the physical installation was easy — just plug everything in, but the software installation was pretty cumbersome, after installing the Oculus run-time, you had to reboot once, and then fiddle around until it magically started to work.


I also noticed that in order to drive the Oculus you need a decent amount of power, my laptop, with an integrated GPU, could only drive the simple demo included with the run-time. When trying to run any other — more demanding demo, my computer came to a halt, only rendering at around 7 FPS. And trust me, you’ll get sick and confused pretty quickly with such a low frame rate.

MTG: Man in the moon

Me and Johan were supposed to go and play Magic The Gathering at the bar Man in the moon last week, but because of the alcohol intake last Friday, we had decided against it, postponing it to the following weekend i.e. this weekend.

I’ve covered the game Magic The Gathering in an earlier post this year. And regular reader’s should be familiar with the bar Man in the Moon.


Anyway, we went straight from work to the bar, figuring that we’d eat first. They were still going with the October-fest theme, so we opted for a dish with lots of sausages and sauerkraut, which was awesome.

We then proceeded with actually playing the game. It didn’t take long until one of the bouncers came and asked us jokingly if we were playing Solitaire. After some more rounds, and people around us were getting more drunk, as they walked past, they kept staring, though I do understand them, seeing people playing card games like MTG at a bar is probably an unusual sight.


The bouncer came back a few hours later and asked me about the rules in the game, and I happily answered him, and explained the basic gist of the game, in retrospect I’m pretty sure he didn’t care, just wanted to check if we were drunk or not. (The next day a friend was pretty amazed that they had allowed us to play the game at all, apparently bars are pretty strict when it comes to games on the premises, because gambling is illegal without the proper paperwork).

Burger in midsommarkransen

On my way home from Man in the Moon I randomly met Jasper and Matts. They asked me if I wanted to join them for a burger at Svenska Hamburgerköket (translated; The Swedish hamburger kitchen) in Midsommarkransen the next day.

I’m not the one to decline a hamburger. So the next day, Saturday, we met up, Anna and Paulina decided to join for a coffee as well. I’d like to say that it’s notoriously hard to find a coffee shop that isn’t packed on a Saturday afternoon in central Stockholm, and this time was no exception. We opted instead for take away coffee and sitting down in the park at Nytorget.


After sitting around, building up appetite, we left Södermalm for the suburbs. Midsommarkransen is a subway station on the red-line, the next station after Liljeholmen (That would be where I live).

As we got out of the subway station and started navigating through the neighborhood, I could do nothing but marvel at the buildings, Midsommarkransen is a really beautiful place (I couldn’t be arsed unpacking my camera, so no pictures).

We were able to time our arrival perfectly, just after we had placed our orders, a lot of people started to arrive. I ordered their largest hamburger, Landshövdingen (translated; The Governor), which contains a hamburger, with two 180g beef patties, and French fries with mayo. It was delicious, though they could have added some more fries.


We ended the evening at Matts’ with drinks and Mariokart. In short; an awesome day and awesome evening.

Public service announcement

Next week’s update might be delayed, I’m going to the Finnish archipelago on a fishing trip.