December 20, 2015

Friday was my last working day in 2015. The last time I had a vacation was in 2014, almost all of December last year. But since I changed job last spring, I haven’t had any vacation days, nor do I technically have any now either, but I decided to take out some well earned unpaid vacation.

Earlier in the week I was pretty sure we’d get some proper snow. There were really rather large snowflakes coming down, but sadly, none of them stuck to the ground. To be honest, this weather is just depressing. Here I am, with all of my winter gear, just waiting for the cold, instead I get to enjoy the worst of all seasons, an extended fall. The temperature during the day is around +10°C, I’ve yet needed to change from my summer windbreaker jacket.

Shortest post in 2015, could be, but at this point I’m just too frustrated to write anything.