Vaasa vs. Stockholm – football

July 12, 2014

I was asked by jasper if I wanted to join up and go watch VPS vs. Brommapojkarna. I initially thought he meant watching it on TV, which I would’ve politely declined. But then I got it, VPS was actually going to play against Brommapojkarna here in Stockholm in the Tele2 arena by Globen.

Globen as seen from the subway station.

Generally I don’t care for football, not at all. There’s really nothing interesting about football, it’s slow, it’s a lot of faking, and the match takes 90 minutes. But I couldn’t miss a chance to cheer on Vaasa in my own neighbourhood, naturally, neither could Paulina.

The tickets were pretty cheap, 120 sek a pop, I mean sure, you can do some fun with that kind of money, grabbing a movie, go out to eat a pizza etc. but again, how often do you get to cheer for your home team at home (when your home team isn’t at home).

Matts, another friend from Vaasa that lives in Stockholm decided to join in on the fun.

Jasper going through the player list.

Me on the other hand couldn’t find a single name that I knew.

Players entering the playing field. Vaasa playing in the yellow shirts.

Vaasa even had a small gathering of loyal fans that had travelled from Vaasa to Stockholm.

I won’t post any pictures from the match itself, mostly because I don’t have any. pro-tip; shooting sports (of any kind) need high quality tele-lenses, which I don’t own, I brought with me a 30mm and a 20-35mm zoom, so no interesting action shots.

As for the results? Vaasa lost, 0 – 2.