Twenty first days

August 18, 2012

Yesterday the bazooka website announced that I’ve started working there. In reality, I was actually sent a mail with the questions earlier this week, but I failed to give them an image of myself, which ended with some bazookians taking the matter in their own hands, an iPhone at first and later on with a Nikon D700.

Here’s the announcement.

Earlier this week I finally received my bank account and credit card. But seeing as the Swedish currency is at an all time high at the moment (trading 8,20 SEK per euro). I don’t really wan’t to move over all my savings because I’ll lose a lot of money in that one transaction. The alternative, that I’m doing at the moment, withdrawing cash from the ATM machines every two/three days, is actually more expensive, but it feels like I don’t lose as much.
I just look through my bank statement, and I’ve got to say, it’s been an expensive first three weeks.

Tonight they’re having a thing here in Stockholm that’s called the Midnattsloppet, where people, of all ages, run around Södermalm. So I might head out to take some pictures of that, but I don’t really know what to expect from it though, but I do think it might be quite fun.

Two things that I haven’t been able to find yet, but I can’t honestly say I’ve invest that much time into it. The first thing, were can one find normal food? As far as I know, there’s only three types of restaurants here, fast food, (strange) healthy food and expensive places. Me, having a large appetite, would rather just eat somewhere where they serve normal home cooked food.

The second thing, which I’ve even asked for at a bar, is Lonkero, it’s a very popular beverage in Finland, but doesn’t seem to exist in Sweden.

And finally, the count down has begun. Paulina will arrive Monday at around 6 PM.