Travel lightly — or at least trying to do so

May 16, 2014

When travelling you should always aim to travel lightly, only taking with you what you really need. This weekend I’m heading out to Vasa, and I’ll spend three nights and four days there.
I’m going to go on a photo-shoot, so I’ll have to break the lightly rule somewhat because I’ll need to bring quite a lot of camera equipment as well as my computer (and some cables). I’ll also need some spare clothes and then some various misc things (toothbrush, phone charger, etc.).


And I’ll need to fit everything in to one rather small backpack, the Fancier Delta B600A.


Let’s start with the boring part, clothes. Seeing as I’m travelling in the late spring, I won’t really need a lot of extra thick clothes. I’m going to bring 3 t-shirts, one sweater, one jacket, a pair of pants and a few pairs of boxers and socks.
Some of these clothes I’ll be wearing as I board the plane, and some I’ll have to fit into the small upper compartment of my bag.


I’ve found that the most efficient way to pack clothes is by using the “ranger-roll” technique. It makes it possible to compress the clothes to small rolls which are easy to pack (and easy to unpack).

Camera gear

As I said, I’ll be doing a small photo-shoot, and it’s actually going to take place in the air. Paulina has gotten me some flight-time in a small private air plane that we’ll be using for circling the area around Vasa for some aerial-photography (not for anything professionally though).

This’ll be the first time that I shoot from a plane, let alone fly in a small air plane, which means I’m having some trouble knowing what kind of focal lengths I’ll need. The one thing I do know about aerial-photography is that changing a lens in the air is a no-go, which means I’ll need both of my camera bodies.

I’ve decided to go wide with my Canon EOS-M mounting my 8mm fish-eye lens on it, whilst going a bit tighter with my Canon 60d and a Sigma 30mm. I’ll also bring my Canon EF 80mm, and then I’ll need the chargers and what not for the cameras.


The bags lower compartment is built with padded sections for the camera gear, which means I’ll need to keep some restraints on what to bring.

Computer gear


As for the computer, my laptop will do fine. The charger has to fit with the clothes in the top compartment whilst the laptop itself goes in to the padded back compartment made especially for laptops.

All in all

There’s always a lot of other things that I’ll have to bring, toiletries, sunglasses, etc. But I’ve managed to fit everything inside. The total weight? just below 6 KG. Though I’ll have to admit it’s pretty tightly packed with not that much room to spare, but I figure I won’t be buying anything on my trip, so I’ll probably manage.