Tourism and Windows Phone

October 28, 2012

This week has been filled with stuff that has happened, and I’ve already blogged about most of the things, like bazooka inviting us to the movies, the release of Windows 8 and me upgrading to it.

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) I was out scouting to see if I could find a Microsoft Surface tablet in the wild, I went to a few of the largest retailers within my vicinity, and I was pretty disappointed, it was no-where to be found. Only one place, Giganten, did they even mention the release of Windows 8. But every time apple does a release, everybody’s over it like crazy, a bit unfair I’d say.

As I was walking about on Kungsgatan I found these two bridges that I haven’t noticed before (of course they’ve always been there, just not me noticing them). They make the whole street feel very English or London:ish, or that’s what I think at least. I haven’t looked up what they’re called, but I’m guessing it has something with the monarchs to do.

This got me thinking. I should every weekend, say Sunday, spend the day being a tourist in Stockholm, so I get to see all these things which the everyday stress makes me miss. Not that I usually hang around these places, but nonetheless.

I’ll probably have to drag Paulina out by the hair, because she’s not really in to walking long distances without a goal. But hopefully I’ll get her with me.

Speaking of which, Paulina and most of my Ostrobothnian friends are in Vasa this weekend (I didn’t feel like skipping two days of work, since I was in Vasa only a couple of weeks ago). So I stayed back here in Stockholm, been quite relaxing actually, haven’t had time to be  by myself for a long time (all in all, roughly 7 weeks).

I’m currently looking forward to Monday’s Windows Phone 8 launch, and here’s hoping we’ll get a definitive answer on when the Lumia 920 is going to be released. Feels like I’ve been waiting a long time for that phone, actually, ever since the launch of the Lumia 800 and 900. I didn’t pick any of them up because I had already payed a chunk of many for my LG E900, but also because of the, what it felt like then, impending release of WP8. The current estimated day of release is 12th November here in Sweden, but I just heard some rumors that Verizon will start shipping the unannounced Lumia 822 8th of November in the US. So, for what it’s worth, I’m really hoping that Nokia loves the Scandinavian market and that they’ll release the 920 in the coming days.
I’m not interested in buying the phone on contract, I want to pay for it upfront, in cash, and with any luck, they’ll release the non-contract phone before the 12th.

In other words, a lot of hoping.