Too much TV can’t be bad for you, right?

October 25, 2013

With a lot of work cut out for me at my job, I’ve spent most of this week’s evenings watching different TV-shows on Netflix.

Let me start of with saying that I generally don’t watch TV, it’s mostly because I usually get bored of too much “inactive” time. And there’s really only been a few TV series that I’ve been interested in, and they’ve all come to an end.

Anyway, I started of watching “How the universe works”, I watched through all the episodes that were available on the nordic version of Netflix. In it self, the show was great, but at the last few episodes I was a bit bored of the same clips playing over and over, and the people that were interviewed were mostly saying the same thing that they had said in earlier episodes. I’m not going to lie, somewhere in the middle of the season I fell asleep and slept through one or two episodes. And I really don’t feel that I missed anything because of the repetitiveness.

I continued my spree with a show that’s gotten a lot of attention, The Walking Dead, the first two seasons are available, and I watched through them both. I didn’t like the it at all, from the get go, it all felt weird, everybody were acting in such strange ways. Most of the characters did so many stupid decisions that I had a really hard time to immerse myself in the show. I’m guessing you’re all saying something like “It’s not real, you’re analyzing it too much”. Well I’ll counter the argument with; If the most believable thing in a show about zombies, are the zombies, the show’s probably got some deep issues. One of the thing’s that I really felt were unnecessary and weird was that every other episode somebody had sex with somebody else. I mean, who in their right mind would be thinking about sex when the actual living dead are walking about and eating people, seriously?
After complaining about it on twitter, @vertsui sent me a link to buzzfeed, The 33 Most Frustrating Things About “The Walking Dead”. Even though there are 33 items on that list, it still reflects only a fraction of the things that annoyed me.

So I decided to go back to more realistic TV. I tried to find a good documentary, but I’ve already watched most of them, or at least the interesting ones.
After a lot of scrolling through the list (Netflix’s interface on the Xbox leaves a lot to wish for) I found something interesting. There were two seasons of “Everest: Beyond the limit”. the basic gist of the show is that a camera team follows a team of amateur mountain climbers that are about to take on Everest. The first season had the worst theme song of the century, I basically had to mute the TV every time that irritating song started to play (Jump to the minute mark in this clip). But ignoring the music taste of the producers, the show in it self was enjoyable. A lot of the more dramatic scenes were obviously staged by editing the raw film material in an interesting way, but it still felt like they were able to catch how physically and psychologically tough it must have been to get to the top.

But ignoring all the TV nonsense, why am I posting this week’s update a bit early? Well, I’m heading to Helsinki over the weekend, so I’ll have limited internet access. And I thought I’d try to post something a bit more interesting when I get back on Monday.