Thor Games: The Darkness on Fire

November 24, 2013

I really felt like watching a movie at the cinemas, and as I looked through the offerings at I only found two contestants that I wanted to watch. The choice was between The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Thor: The Dark World. After watching both trailers I was still uncertain which one of the two were going to give a better movie experience.

Figuring out which of the two is a better movie is pretty easy, The Hunger Game is the obvious winner. The first movie about Thor was pretty worthless, and the character as a whole is really boring, but, the movie contains a lot of special effects, which is de facto the most important thing when considering a movie for the big screen.

So eventually I decided to go see Thor, the movie, while better than it’s predecessor, was mediocre at best.

Free stuff

Sometimes when I head to work I stop at the PressbyrĂ„n (seven-eleven equivalent) in slussen to buy a pack of chewing gums, it’s a bit awkward to pay 10 sek with my debit card, so I usually throw in a small cup of coffee. Most of the time they try to offer me a “loyalty card” (don’t know what it’s called) where you get a stamp for each coffee you buy, and when you’ve bought a specific quantity of coffee, you get the next cup for free.

I usually decline their offer.

And that’s when something interesting happens, the cashier gets shocked, “Why would you pass on such a great deal?” and I try to explain that if I accept the card I’ll just forget about it the next time I buy a coffee or I’ll end up throwing it away when I empty out my pockets.

Almost the same thing happens at the restaurant chain Subway, where you get a free bag of chips or a cookie if you buy a sandwich and a beverage. I make my order, and when I’m about to pay they stop me and ask if I want the bag or cookie, I politely decline, and they go crazy, “But it’s free!”, “You’ve practically payed for it!” they chant. And I end up almost having to fight to get out of the conversation (a tiny bit exaggerated).

I’ve got similar stories for a lot of other places, and I feel it’s quite strange that these people become so shocked when a person turns down something free. As I see it, if I want something, I’ll ask for it. If I don’t want it, please, try not to shove it down my throat.

When did society become a place where you have to take something, even though you don’t need it nor want it, just because it’s free?