Things that I’ve postponed, but now finally been able to do.

December 14, 2014

My first week on holiday. I started out with cleaning the house, and every day I’ve gone around, picking up stuff, doing the dishes, and just trying to adapt to my new life (one month) as a stay-at-home husband, I’ve been pretty good at it if I may say so myself.

Some afternoons I’ve gone into the office, working on my private projects. I’ve chosen to go in after 3 pm, deciding that it’s the best time, mostly because I won’t be a distraction to my fellow co-workers. One of these projects is of course my blog, which I’ve updated a bit (thanks to Dennis Klein). I’ll be honest; I’m not really happy with the result, but I decided against spending lots of hours updating the core code, just added some make-up, and I’ll rebuild the whole thing later on.

Christmas in Gamla Stan

Stockholm - Gamla Stan - Christmas lights

Every year I’ve been thinking that I should go to Gamla Stan here in Stockholm and try to capture the Christmas spirit. Sadly, I’ve always either forgotten it, or just haven’t found the time. So now, whilst having some down time, I decided to head out. Gamla Stan, in many ways the one of the more beautiful parts of Stockholm, sadly, a lot of the architecture has pretty much been destroyed by small gift shops targeted at tourists.

Stockholm - Gamla Stan - Christmas lights

I wasn’t really able to get the picture I saw in my head, but then again Gamla Stan isn’t going anywhere, and I might as well head out again.

Plane spotting

Another thing that I’ve wanted to do is plane spotting. Not that I’d say that I’ve done it now, but I did head out on to a small hill nearby where I live and waited for a couple of departing planes leaving Bromma Airport.

Lift off from Bromma - Malmö Aviation - British Aerospace Avro 146-RJ100

Lift off from Bromma – Malmö Aviation – British Aerospace Avro 146-RJ100

I saw a couple of different planes, ATR-72, SAAB 2000, etc. mostly smaller domestic planes. Not that I was expecting anything else from Bromma. I could’ve posted more pictures, but they all pretty much came out identical to the one above. I imagine it would be a lot more fun shooting at Arlanda, where there are larger planes. But this time of the year is anything but ideal, we only have a couple of hours of daylight, and I guess it would pretty much suck to head out there, and not get anything worth while.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do it later next year.

Geminids meteor shower

Every year, around December 14th, a meteor shower hits earth. I had checked the weather forecast, and they predicted clouds throughout the evening with a clear sky during the night. And I guess, for the first time, the meteorologists were actually right. At around 01 am, the sky was totally clear, sadly though, the moon was up, polluting the sky with more light (notwithstanding the fact that I stood on my balcony, in the middle of Stockholm).


We (me and Paulina) did have to adjust our eyes for a while, eventually we were able to see a couple of meteors, not the 120 per hour (a’la 2 every 60 seconds), but a couple. I tried taking pictures of them, but they were to faint to be captured on the sensor (and they were really fast). Instead I turned my gaze back to the moon.

The hobbit

Early on I decided not to see the first Hobbit movie, deciding that I’d rather see all three of them at once, instead of going around waiting for the next movie. If we learnt anything from LoTR, it’s that cliff-hangers suck, and if able, you should avoid them at all costs.

This weekend the last movie of the trilogy is released to theatres here in Sweden (globally?). And so, I was finally able to catch up with the modern world. I watched the first one Thursday, the second one Friday, did some clothes washing Saturday, and on Sunday, I watched the third movie to wrap it all up.

I haven’t read the book, but you can pretty much tell that the movies are a bit stretched, focusing on small things in what seems like an eternity. But all in all, it’s quite worth the watch. The last movie, which I saw at the movie theatres, was probably the worst. Sure, it had lots of action, right from the start until the very end, there were constant fighting going on, but not in some kind of epic battle for goodness, in reality, without spoiling too much, it felt like a petty thing to start a war over — you’ll know what I mean when you see it.


Long time readers will know I love the winter. And living in the Nordic countries usually means an abundance of it. Sadly, this year, just like the last one, winter has been shy, and has yet to arrive. Snow, ice and coldness, it’s a funny thing. You’d think that I would’ve grown tired of it by now, but no. Every time somebody asks me where I’d like to travel, I answer with me three top destinations. Antarctica, Svalbard and Greenland.

Anyway, whilst doing my usual stroll across the internet to find documentaries on the topic of Antarctica, I found this little gem of a documentary. It’s one hour long, and completely free.

Welcome to Union Glacier from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.