Things are starting to slow down

June 29, 2013

Another Saturday morning that I woke up with an headache. I like sleeping in, and I like sleeping, Paulina is out traveling again, so nobody was here to wake me up. The interesting thing was that if only I had gotten up the first time this morning that I woke up, I wouldn’t have gotten the headache at all. But I’m usually not the sharpest knife in drawer when I’m half a sleep, I remember thinking, now is the time to get up, and I will get up, I just need to rest my eyes for a bit, and then I’ll get out of bed. I’m pretty sure you all know what happens once you tell yourself that. So two hours later I got up with an headache.

As long as you don’t have an “I-want-to-poke-out-my-eyes-with-a-fork”-kind of headache, it usually helps just walking it off. So, as I’ve done multiple other times, I went out for a walk. The weather’s been spectacular, though a little on the too-warm side. I was out for a few hours just enjoying the scenery, and that’s one of the things that I really like about Stockholm, you have a lot of different types of sceneries that you can choose from, if you like city-walks, then there’s lots of that, and if you like walking in more nature like environments you don’t have to go very far before you’re in a calm green area.


There was a car parked outside of work, a Microsoft branded Volvo, where some of the people at work called it out as my future car. I really need to redesign this site soon.

It’s starting to seriously calm down at work, everybody here in Sweden are either on their vacation or are planning it, which means that there aren’t too many large projects starting up during the summer time. The same holds true in the rest of the nordic countries, July is probably the most calm business-month during the whole year. I’ve been told that Stockholm will be some kind of ghost-town during July, where the only people that are walking around are either tourists or zombies. Or just tourists.

Me, I’m going out to Vasa in two weeks and I’ll spend a whooping tens days there. It’ll be great and awesome.