The weirdest after work ever

November 30, 2014

Apparently, a few weeks ago, Jesper (one of my co-workers) was asked if we wanted Professor Sakamoto to play at Bazooka. Yes, yes we did. Even though most of us had never heard about this strange man.


He was going to play at our office this Friday, so we combined it with an after work. Now anytime you get an international celebrity to play privately at ones office, you need to have a stage. Bo, Jesper and Fredrik rigged a makeshift stage out of an old book shelf and a ping pong table.

Jesper brought with him a lot of music equipment, mixed it up with bazookas gear, and voilĂ , a small stage for our guest.


Fredrik was also going to put up a show, or rather, an experiment as he wanted to call it. Attendees could change the sound of the music by directing their mobile phone’s web browser to an address, where some Javascript that was hooked up to the gyro modified the sound based on the pitch of the phone.


Anyway, back to Prof. Sakamoto. As he got on the stage he started playing different famous tunes from old video games. Everytime he changed to a new tune he either changed the ROM on the video console that he wore on his head, or if he went to a tune that didn’t exist on the console, he changed out the complete console. A rather fun and original way of making a show.


This after work was a “family friendly” event, i.e. people could bring their family and friends. Every time I see all the children that Bazooka’s employees have spawned (couldn’t find a better word, deal with it), I get kind of shocked, there’s a lot of kids. Our office turned in to this huge playgorund, kids everywhere. And I’ll tell you what, I was quite impressed when most of the kids could listen through Sakamoto’s show without a break (In context, a lot of the “grown ups” left to another room after the first 10 minutes or so).


When the professor was down with his list of songs and tunes (both his own original tracks and cover tracks) he was open for request. That man knows his 8-bit music, every title anyone could come up with, he played, without any problems what so ever.



After the show, he thanked us for inviting him (we’re the ones to thank him!). He also said that he’ll forever remember “the ping-pong stage” (his words). Yeah, not a lot of international artists have performed on a ping pong table, I’ll tell you that.

Since I didn’t record anything, I had to find a clip of him performing on youtube, which needless to say, wasn’t hard, at all.

What else has happened?

So I’ve actually done quite a lot this week, but because the things that I’ve done are either uninteresting (I), already-wrote-about-it (II), interesting-but-can’t-take-pictures-of-it (III) or interesting-but-forgot-to-take-pictures-of-it (IIII). I’ll just round them up in a small list;

The week in short;
– Got my Starastro membership. (III)
– Met James Seymour-Lock at one of his meet-ups (IIII)
– Moved my desk at work, from the back end table to the designer’s table (I)
SciFi World Stockholm 2014 (II)