The week’s over already?

June 15, 2014

Workwise, this week’s been kind of stressful, mostly because I had a project that was due Friday, and I got sick Wednesday which just added to the stress.

Though all-in-all, looking back at the week, it was anything but bad.

The Canon 5D (classic)

Last Sunday I picked up yet another camera body — yupp, I’ve got three camera body’s at the moment. When I started shooting time lapses in ’11, I got myself a Canon 1000D, I really wanted a full-frame camera because of the low-light performance, and ever since I’ve been pretty set on getting one, even though the reasons have changed.

I moved from time lapses after I noticed that my general composition in my shots pretty much sucked and I knew I needed to do something about it, so I refocused and started doing still photography in the hopes of improving myself.

Even though I’m not doing time lapses any more, I’ve still longed for a full-frame body, though the reason is that I want the “normal view” on the lenses (i.e. a 30 mm is 30 mm and not 30 * 1.6 = 48 mm) and the depth-of-field that only a full-frame sensor can deliver. I started looking out for a second-hand Canon 5Dc, and I found one that I got for 3200sek (including an extra battery), so not a great deal, but still not a bad deal.

The standard lens, 50 mm, the first lens beside the kit lens of the 1000D that I bought, generally a lens that I’ve hated on my cameras, was the first lens I put on the 5Dc. The difference was astonishing to say the least, the nifty-fifty really shines when it’s combined with a 35 mm camera, I can now truly understand why this lens was one of the most popular lenses when people still used film cameras.

Pro-tip: It’s important to make a stupid face when you take a selfie.

I’ve used the camera for a week so far, and I’m still getting used to it, it’s quite a leap to go from a crop 1.6x crop sensor to a normal sensor. My 60d sports a lot of modern functionality that the 5D lacks, higher ISO sensitivity, higher frames per second, better LCD screen to name a few, but the 5D exceeds, at least by my subjective opinion, the image quality of the 60d.

My biggest problem so far is hitting the focus spot on, the depth of field from a 50 mm @ f/1.8 on a full frame camera is really hard to get right, I’ve stepped up to f/2.2, but I still have a lot of trouble getting it right, though I think this is something I’ll get better at with time.

Thanks Leopard Förlag


I feel like I talk a lot about the perks that you get when working with Bazooka, but having awesome clients also has it’s upside. Leopard Förlag, a book publisher located in Stockholm, one of Bazooka’s clients, decided to send us a package with books.

Looking through them all, I found two of which I felt were really interesting, the first (which I read through this Friday) “Storebror ser dig — Edward Snowden och den globala övervakningsstaten” by Glenn Greenwald I believe the English title is No Place to Hide. I loved the book (I guess that’s kind of obvious considering that I read through it in almost one sitting).

The other book that I got was “Polar Expeditionen” by Alec Wilkinson (English title: The Ice Balloon), it’s about the arctic and the north pole, what’s there not to like?

Hitting the shooting range


To end an the week, Calle, Johan and I went to the shooting range, which was an experience in itself.