The weather is killing me.

August 3, 2014

Another unbearable heat-wave week. I read on the news that you shouldn’t complain about the heat because the Nordic countries rarely get to “enjoy” this kind of weather. Me, personally, can’t wait for winter.

I was awoken by thunderstorms and heavy rain early Sunday morning (sometime around 5 AM), my first thought was that we were finally going to be liberated from this hellish weather, finally some cool winds from the north. I fell a sleep shortly after. When I woke up later in the morning, the sun was shining and the temperature was again +25 Celsius and rising, and as I’m writing this, the temperature is just above +30 degrees.

Anyway, when I got back from Vasa this week I was pretty tired (as can be noted in last week’s post, which was, and still is, filled with an unusual amount of errors). So I’ve spent most of the week either working or just staying at home relaxing.

Stockholm Pride

stockholm pride

I’ve followed the Stockholm Pride parade every year since I moved here (I saw the last two parades), this year, because of the heat, I opted instead to look at it from afar. Paulina, Sandra and I sat on the roof of Kulturhuset by Sergelstorg, enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched the celebrations. This means two things, 1.) I didn’t die by dehydration and 2). I have no photos other than the above from the parade.


We were finally able to convice Paulina that she needed to do something about her phone, either replace the screen or get a new one. Her phone, an Iphone 4, has had a broken screen for a few months, and these last weeks parts of the screen have been falling off. We’ve replaced the screen once before, but it broke again.

She’s been looking at buying an Iphone 5s, and now, finally, she did.

After the excitment of spending all that money on an Apple product, we decided to go out and eating before wrapping up Saturday. We went to a place called “Ciao ciao” in Hornstull. They served a lot of italian stuff, and me, being the suspicious type when it comes to food dishes I can’t pronounce, decided to go for a regular pizza. Paulina, being the adventurous one, decided to have some kind of Pasta, and to the disappointment of the waiter, Paulina didn’t even want to try and pronounce it, instead ordering the “pasta-something” whilst pointing at the menu, the waiter tried multiple times to get Paulina to read out the thing, but she flat out refused.


Got my camera back!

Remember my Canon 5D that the mirror fell out of? Well I didn’t get it in time for the Vasa trip, but it was ready basically the second I got off the plane here in Stockholm, just my luck huh?


To celebrate the return of my camera I picked up a cheap old lens, a Sigma FD 600mm with a 2x extension and an EF to EOS adapter, when rocking this lens on a crop camera the combined length should be somewhere around 2500mm @ f/16 (though my math could be off).

Both of the pictures are non-cropped, only resized.

Seeing as it’s a mirror lens, the sharpness and contrast is severely lacking, but I wanted it for moon shots (and the next full moon is the 10th of August, so I’m waiting to try it out).

Free book from Elmastudio

Another thing that happened this week was that I received a book from elmastudio (which I’ve mentioned before in an older post). The book’s been pretty great so far, if you’re looking for a review of it, head elsewhere.

The thing that I really loved that I didn’t only get a book, I also got a hand written note congratulating me on the book, which I thought was pretty nice customer service seeing as, again, the book being free.