The sunniest city in Finland

July 21, 2013

This weekly update is going to be a bit jumpy, mostly because nothing really specific has happened this week, so I’m going to write out things as they appear in my head, you’ve been warned.

Even though the title isn’t technically true anymore (because they’ve stopped counting sun hours), from my brief visit here, I must say that the term couldn’t be further from the truth.
Of the days I’ve been here I’ve only had two sunny days (out of 7) and while the sun has been visible, the temperature has been hovering around 16 degrees Celsius, which means it’s cold even if you have a jacket on you.

But I didn’t come home to sit around in the sun, I came here to first and foremost attend my sister wedding, I’ve also looked forward to meeting friends and family. I can’t say I’ve met everybody, not even close, but seeing as it’s my vacation, I’ve pretty much just been sitting around being bored, which is a good thing.


One of the many benefits of having a sister that likes cars, is that she and her husband (feels weird writing that out) owns a lot of them. Four in total. And because they’re only a family of two, I got to borrow one, a small, bright red BMW 316 Compact. Not the fastest of the bunch, but then again, I’m in no hurry.
It’s been almost one year since I last owned a car, the longest period of not having a car in my adult life.

Though the practical need for a car in Stockholm isn’t really that great, I’ve still missed driving.


Sandra, our beloved family dog, an aging rottweiler, though still playful at times, have had a medical procedure where they removed her uterus (which I guess is quite common). It was a bit painful to look at her when she was sedated, but the veterinary said that everything had gone well, and she’d be back to normal in a few weeks time.


It feels like I’ve posted a lot of pictures of what I’ve eaten this last few weeks, so why end a good thing? I’m guessing everybody thinks that their parents make the best cinnamon buns, and I’m no exception.


On Friday evening me and Linus went out to do some photography, I’ve missed our photography adventures (a.k.a. stroll around and talk, whilst taking random pictures). One could’ve hoped for better weather, but it could’ve been worse.


Me and a few of my fellow colleagues are starting up a side project, and the end goal is some kind of game. We haven’t yet decided on anything concrete, but I’ve been told to play as many games as possible to get some more ideas. I generally don’t play all too many games on my phone, but because I’ve been sitting around bored, I tried downloading a few, and I gotta say, Jetpack Joyride has really been an addictive game so far.

I’m nearly half way through my two week vacation, and the first week, which I’ve spent in Finland is soon over. I’ve hoped I would’ve been more productive in my personal projects, but I’ve still got one more week for that.