The start of my winter vacation

December 7, 2014

So it begins, four weeks of vacation. It’s been a yearly tradition that I take out my summer vacation days during the winter, though to be honest, I think this might be the last year of the tradition.

You might wonder what I’m going to do with all the spare time that’ll have. I’ve decided that I’ll start off with getting some sleep. On Monday, I’ll actually go back to work, but instead of going there at 8 am, I’ll head there late in the afternoon, sometime around 3 pm, and work on personal projects. The office has a great environment for working, and if I go in late, I won’t distract my co-workers from their day-to-day work.

Anyway, the fall has been an exhaustive time this year, and I feel like I’ve burnt through all my energy. But mostly in a positive way, I’ve worked with a lot of projects, and most of them have been really interesting.

And I stressed on right until the end, i.e. this Friday. When I finally punched out, we got a small gang of people together and went to the bar Carmen, which is the only bar that I know of, that serves Finnish beer.

Why was Finnish beer important? I’m glad you asked, because that’s the next topic of this week’s post.

Independence day

The 6th of Decemeber, Finland’s independence day. When I lived in Finland I didn’t really care about this day, but as I’ve moved abroad, it’s become pretty important — not that I necessarily do anything important, but I feel that the day is important.

Seeing as Sweden isn’t Finland, and I couldn’t come up with anything to celebrate the day, I took a small trip into Södermalm, to the only monument that I know that mentions Finland.

A memorial for all the Finns in Stockholm, located outside the Church of Katarina on Södermalm — “In memory of the thousand Finns buried here, 1600 – 1800”

It’s a small memorial stone in the graveyard behind the church of Katarina, while it’s not for Finns per se, it does however celebrate the Finns that moved to Stockholm and helped build up the nation’s capital (or so it says on this obscure website).

Never ending rush hour

A couple of months ago, Johan had read one of my blog posts, Keeping a coding journal, in this post I mention briefly, with a picture, that you could probably make an awesome time lapse from the Katarinahissen, and Johan, upon reading this, subsequently sent me a calendar invitation to make a time lapse the second of December.

Me fiddling with the camera. Johan took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook, where I shamelessly stole it from.

And so, three months later, we stand on the small passage out to the elevator.

Here’s a picture from roughly the same place taken this September.

It turned out pretty nice. I’ve compressed it to a 16 frame gif, but if you want the full ~140 frame, 5 second clip, here it is. I’ve decided to call the gif-sequence “The never ending rush hour”.