The middle ages

April 13, 2014

This week I visited an annual medieval market at Kungsträdgården, I came there a bit early which meant that they were still setting things up. I wanted to take a lot of photos, but sadly, there weren’t really anything interesting to shoot, so I ended up just strolling around. I went there alone, and I’ll tell you that one of the most boring things you can do is to visit a market without anyone else, half of the experience is talking about what you’re looking at.

Anyway, I quickly left the market, and went for an ice cream, the very first ice cream that I bought this year, and it was well worth the investment. (I wanted to take lots of pictures, but as I said, there wasn’t anything interesting going on).

Game of Thrones


In other news, I started to watch Game of Thrones with Paulina. I generally don’t like fantasy series, I’m more of a sci-fi guy. I had a hard time getting into the series, the first few episodes were good, I’ll give them that, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Though after the first season I started to like it.

I guess the best part of the show is the killing off of main characters.

New phone

My beloved HTC 8x “finally” bit the dust, I can’t believe that the phones made to day only last for a year and a half, a real shame. The thing that broke was the microphone, people were telling me that I had to speak up whilst talking with them, at first I thought the problem was elsewhere, until I had to shout every time I was on the phone.


The current selection of Windows Phones on the market is pretty limited, the only manufacturer worth mentioning is Nokia, and all of Nokia’s phones are either ugly or too expensive (I’m not going to spend another 5000 SEK for a phone that’ll last a year). My initial plan was to wait for the next generation of Windows Phones before retiring my HTC, so my first reaction upon realising that my phone had broke was to just live with it, but a phone that you can’t talk on isn’t really a phone, I had to get a new one. Finally I settled on the Nokia Lumia 925 (the black one).

Advertisement inception


As I was walking to the medieval market I noticed an advertisement billboard advertising advertisement billboards. I guess business is bad for the advertisement companies?