The march for football

April 19, 2014

Apparently, every year a lot of people show up for a walk through Södermalm celebrating the start of the season for one of the local football teams, Hammarby. And when I say a lot of people, I mean a lot.


I was told there would be somewhere around 25,000 participants — that’s almost half of Vasa’s population (the city in Finland that I live in prior to Stockholm).

It was a pretty interesting experience, I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a large crowd. I tried desperately to take pictures that would capture the grandness, but I had my 85mm lens attached and I couldn’t stop and change it out for my 30mm. In hindsight, the best lens would’ve probably been my fisheye lens.


People where armed with flags, flares and green smoke grenades. The bridge of Skantull, the central street on Sodermalm, Götgatan and the subway station Gullmarsplan were completely closed off. And this was on a Monday afternoon at rush hour.


Even though I’m not a football person, I have to admit it was pretty hard not to get swept away in the crowd of supporters.

Happy Easter

Last year I wrote a long post about my Easter-week — the reason why I remembered it was because it had a lot of images with food in it, but now looking at it, it seems like I was wrong.

Anyway, to keep the tradition strong, that is, posting pictures of food, here’s what I ate to celebrate Easter. I had buffet at a Chinese restaurant. I’d like to review the restaurant with one sentence; The food was cold.


It was also the first time I’ve ever received a fortune cookie, and seeing as Carlos posted a lengthy post about his bad habits (and how he’s improved upon them), I felt it was only appropriate to post it.