The first snowfall

October 13, 2013

I went out on a walk on Saturday, thought I’d try and write this week’s update at a random café, and I did write a lengthy post, but then decided that it was a bit boring, and so I had to start over. As I gave up on my post, I felt no need to be constrained at the coffee shop, I packed up my computer and took my camera and went out hunting for something interesting.

As I approached Sergels torg, I noticed the first snow of this year. Though it didn’t come in it’s usual form, i.e. falling down from the sky, instead it came in truck-loads.


Apparently a few large snowboard and skateboard companies where holding some kind of promotional event in order to sell more merchandise, I really couldn’t care less, but it was nice to get a reminder of what season is on its way.


Sadly, I’m pretty sure that it will be a while before we get to see real snow. Last week I talked about the weather getting colder, well, just as I had written that post the temperatures started to rise again, and now I think the daily low is around 5-10 degrees, which means that this fall is going to stretch out for quite a while.


Weird things happen when you least expect it. Or that’s how I felt this Friday when I found myself at a bar, infamous for gangster executions, watching a football game between Sweden and Austria. I’ve once before endured a full football game, I was around 10 years old, and I had decided to follow a few friends to watch one of Vaasa’s “pro” soccer teams play, understandably, I can’t remember whom they played against, and neither can I remember if they won. The only thing that stands out in my memory is that I didn’t enjoy watching the game.

Anyway, back to the present, how did I find myself at this questionable bar? A few co-workers asked me earlier this week if I wanted to hang out for a beer and watch the game, where as the “watching the game” would be optional. Even though I knew, from previous experiences that football is quite the bore, I decided I might as well go.

Almost all the pubs and bars were packed with people, we tried to squeeze into three different places before we finally settled for Broder Tuck, which is somewhat famous for the execution of a gangster back in the nineties (I could only find references to this incident on the Swedish wikipedia). This place was, like all other, fully packed, but my friends knew a lot of people there (and the owner of the place) which meant we would have a greater chance to find a table than somewhere else. After standing around for roughly an hour, we finally got a table, and incidentally, it was at the exact same time that the game had begun.


I’m not really known for being a sports fan, I do occasionally watch Ice-hockey, but that’s about it. So there I was, a German-Finn, in a bar full of Swedish supporters, watching a soccer game, Sweden – Austria. And I don’t know if it was the low oxygen levels in the cramped environment, but for a brief moment, I actually felt a bit excited for the game. At the end Sweden won, and “the crowd went wild”, with people screaming and hugging each other.