The dawn of a new project (and a lot about gaming)

September 14, 2013

So last week’s Sunday me and two friends from work had a kick-off meeting of some sort. Or actually, we’ve already had a few meetings earlier, but this was the first one where we actually laid down some plans for an upcoming spare time project that we’re going to do. The timeline of the project is still a bit vague, but at least we know what we want to do.

Planning a new project

I’m not going to spoil the project too early, so I won’t be releasing any details yet, but to spike your interest, Johan and I will be doing the coding whilst Calle will take care of all the graphical design.

So that’s a few sentences with a whole lot of nothing. (And 30 seconds of life that you will never get back!)

Initially, this post was over a thousand words long, but after reading Carlos’ post about writing pieces that are too long, I decided to try out something new. Instead of one long post, I present to you, my humble reader, this post, and three other!

And that was my week, how was yours?