That one time when I got sick.

February 15, 2014

I pride myself with not being sick all too often. I usually get sick about once a year. For example, since I moved to Sweden I’ve only had to take out one sick day.

When I do get sick I usually get a fever that settles within a few days. Though it’s important to note that even though I don’t get sick that often, I do hate getting sick, I’ve sometimes thought that the reason why I don’t get sick is probably because I hate it so much.

A lot of people have been sick at the office, and a lot of people have stayed home caring for sick children, I guess it’s just the season that makes everybody sick. There’s been a lot of talk about winter vomiting disease which normally occurs during this season of the year. Naturally I didn’t care, seeing as I haven’t had this since I was really young, so I just assumed I was immune or something.

Anyway, last Sunday I was sitting around doing nothing, really just waiting for Paulina to get home from Helsinki. I got the urge to eat ice cream.

I went out and got myself an unhealthy amount of ice cream. I generally hate eating sweets when I’m hungry, but luckily I had eaten a pizza a few hours earlier, I did however pick up a pack of frozen COOP Pasta Bolognese (because I was undoubtedly going to get hungry at some point in the evening).

So after eating almost all of the ice cream I was pretty much full. Which surprised me because I’ve been able to eat a lot more.

The worst food ever created by man.

A few hours later, I was getting the urge to eat something non-sweet, so I microwaved the bolognese dinner. I ate half of it, because it was really, really, awful, and threw the rest in the bin.

At this point Paulina got home, we watched some TV and just talked. Sometime at around 10 PM, I got the feeling that not all was well. I felt a bit nauseous, and this is a pretty strange feeling for me, I was about 8 years old the last time I had this feeling.

So skipping some details I deem non-suitable for the blog, I ended up doing something I’d like to call the Human Sprinkler™ (Patent pending) the rest of the night. I finally got some sleep in the early hours of Monday morning. Needless to say, I stayed home that day and Tuesday as well fearing that I might have had something contagious (and I had a terrible headache).

Because the duration was pretty short, and I had eaten a lot, in retrospect I’m hoping that this whole ordeal was about food-poisoning and that I am in fact immune against the vomiting sickness thingy.

Making food

Wednesday morning, after being sick for two days, I had come to the conclusion that I was indeed good at making home made food (or because I didn’t want to risk myself getting sick again). So the following day I decided that instead of going out eating (or eating whole-fabricated microwave food) I should make the food myself.

The first two days went fine. Or, well, actually, I was still a bit sensitive so I ended up not eating that much. Thursday on the other hand I bought a grilled chicken, took off the meat, cooked it with some random stuff that was laying around (I wanted some sauce with the chicken), boiled some rice and ate it. It wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t good, actually, it really didn’t taste anything. (So I’ll count it as a success).

The next day, Friday, for the people who are counting, I got home, relaxed a few hours before deciding to make dinner. I knew what I wanted, some kind of sausage-based thing with cream-based sauce and potato-mash. As I was walking around in the shop I realized that I’m just too lazy to make mashed potatoes and that I’ll instead settle for macaronis.
For the actual content of the food I bought one falukorv, an onion, a bottle of cream, and yeah, that’s about it. I went home happy about myself.


I started off by heating the pan with some butter in it, I cut the onion while waiting for everything to start going. Once the pan was hot I threw in the hacked onion and started chopping up the sausage. Our stove has a heat-scale that goes from zero to twelve, naturally I only see this as a single button, it’s either on, or it’s off.

Because I was being so slow at cutting up the sausage (and because I had set the stove on twelve) the onions got burnt, I noticed it when I was about to add the sausage parts. I didn’t feel like starting over, besides, I had already used my one onion, I felt the only thing I could do was to continue, and in case the food tasted too much of burnt onion I would mask it with ketchup. In my world ketchup only serves one real purpose, and that’s for masking burnt food.

So I continued my little adventure. Once I had added all my ingredients, plus shitloads of spices, I tasted the oh-so-delicious sauce and to my surprise it was awful, no amount of ketchup was going to mask this horrid taste. So I did what any other responsible person would do, I shut everything down. Sat myself in the couch and contemplated about just starving. After a few minutes, I got up, and boiled myself some eggs while writing a text message to Paulina asking if she could pick up some food on her way home.

What Paulina made me, meatballs and mashed potatoes.


And here’s my submission for last week’s fotosöndag word “Message”.


This week we’ve gotten the word “Lagom” which translates to “moderate”, yeah, not as specific as I’d wish, I’ve just got too many ideas for this word.

The idea I’ve decided to pursue is going to black and white. The thing is, I hate B&W photography, or rather, I hate doing it. Every time I turn an image into B&W I feel like I’m being too artsy, and I can never find the correct amount of contrast. We’ll see how it works out, if your interested to see the end result, check my flickr account tomorrow.