Tesla coil

October 12, 2014

Uber, a taxi company ridesharing service, decided to let loose a couple of Tesla Model S’ on the streets of Stockholm. If you were lucky you could get a hold on one, and get to drive it yourself. Naturally, Bo had spent some time trying to book the car by spamming the Uber app, and after a while he got the Tesla.

When it arrived at the office, naturally, a lot of us were interested in getting up close and personal with the all electrical car.


I didn’t get a chance to sit in it, nor actually drive it. But I felt that the idea of letting people test drive the car through Uber is nothing but pure genius marketing.

Bo in the driver’s seat

The inside of the cars sports two screens, one of which is a large wide screen display in portrait mode. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the screen was how terrible it has to be driving one of these cars in the middle of the night with the screen blinding you. I’m pretty sure they’ve got some kind of solution — like turning off the screen, but still, normal backlit dials do have their perks.


Autumn walk

We had a small after work party on Friday, I ended up drinking a bit too much. So I spent Saturday at home. Though wanting to get some fresh air, and some photos for this week’s post, I decided to walk from Liljeholmen to Slussen, following the water along Södra Mälarstrand.


I’m not really an autumn person, or rather, I don’t like the transitional seasons (i.e. spring and autumn). But one of the upsides with autumn is the colors.


You can’t take a more “Stockholm” image than this, a small ferry crossing Mälaren with the iconic City Hall in the background.


Under the the bridge Västerbron there’s a boat club, this place is really packed with cars, boats and random stuff. The chaos of all the stuff is pretty beautiful, but sadly I wasn’t able to capture it, so the above picture will have to suffice.


I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked people who use pirate flags on their ships. It kind of removes all the “seriousness” that comes with sea-life.

Jedi Mind Tricks

Johan’s built a pretty interesting project, control the thrust of a mini-quadcopter with nothing but his mind. He asked me if I could film a small clip of the project, and so I did.

Loop Troop Naked Swedes

So whilst randomly browsing the internet, I noticed that Loop Troop Rockers will release a new album later this month. And with a new album comes new tour dates. I sent Calle a message about Loop troop playing at Debaser Strand the 12th of November, and he, his wife Lisa, Elias, Paulina and I will be attending this, what I suppose will be, an awesome concert.

I’ve basically listened to Loop Troop since the release of Modern Day City Symphony back in ’00, and as is with all great bands, when you’ve listened to them for this long, you kind of prefer the original sound of the band. So here’s hoping that they’ll play some tracks from the good old days.