Ten weeks with Fotosöndag

April 6, 2014

Today I submitted my tenth consecutive photo to Fotosöndag‘s weekly photo challenge. Truth be told, I feel like I’ve messed up a lot of times (in the sense that I haven’t really been true to the theme of that week). I blame this mostly on me not coming up with good ideas for the word. If you’re intrested, here’s all of my submissions so far.

For those of you who’ve missed what I’m talking about; Fotosöndag is a flickr group that gives out a word every Tuesday, on the following Sunday you need to upload an image depicts that word (hence the name fotosöndag — Photo Sunday), you’re free to interpret the word in any way you see fit. It’s also important to note that there are no prizes to be won, it’s all just for fun.

This week’s word was “Hållplats” which translates to “stop” (as in bus stop, not as in the lack of movement). At first I was totally without ideas, after a few days of thinking I though about going to a cemetery to take a picture of tombstones i.e. “The last stop”. Sadly, I ran out of time, and as I woke up Sunday morning without a picture I basically just grabbed my camera and went out to Slussen (which is a main hub for local bus and subway transportation in the heart of Södermalm).

So my contribution was a pretty boring picture of people getting on a bus.


For those of you who like doing photography, but have a hard time figuring out what to do, I can really recommend groups like Fotosöndag, even though at times it’s pretty hard to delivery the kind of quality you want.

Booking flights

One thing that stresses me out is booking flights. It’s not that I hate flying, quite the opposite actually, and it’s not that I dislike the airports — even though I do. It’s committing to a date.

I don’t have a problem planning things for specific dates, as long as it’s work related. But personal time scheduling is something I’ve always disliked. I guess it’s because of my line of work, every project is planned out in detail, you almost always know what needs to be done next, so when it comes to my personal life, or my personal schedule, I don’t like being committed to different things.

Anyway, I got my summer vacation request approved, and I chose to take a long weekend in the middle of May in order to go visit my family in Vasa, and specifically my sister who is about to have her first child.

New sneakers — on the cheap

I’ve always loved sneakers, and especially plain white ones. The last couple of pairs that I’ve bough have been the classical Nike Air Force One. They look great but come with one big issue, they get warm, like really, really warm, and this in turns mean that they start to smell.


So instead of going out to buy another pair of rather expensive Nikes, I went looking for the cheapest pair of white sneakers that I could find. There were three requirements, the first was obviously “cheap” and the second requirement was that they had to be white, the last, and maybe the most important one, was that they had to look “normal” (whatever that means).

And I’m really happy with what I found, a pair of firefly sneakers, and they look a lot like Adidas’ Stan Smith (which I highly recommend). The total cost was 299 sek, not the cheapest pair that I’ve found, but affordable if you compare the price against other similar looking shoes (Stan Smith’s typically go for around 699 SEK and the Reebok NPC II‘s cost 999 SEK in the same store).