Temperature’s rising

May 11, 2013

I read earlier this week that summer has officially arrived (according to Metro). They (I don’t really know who) define summer as at least five consecutive days with an average temperature above five degrees Celsius. It’s really strange how the weather has behaved this year. We went from a few months idling around -5 degrees, and then, out of nowhere the temperature jumped up to around 5 degrees during the day and around zero during the night, after being like that for a few weeks, last week the temperature rose to +20 degrees during the day and around 10 degrees during the night. Instead of a steady linear progression of the temperature, I feel like the weather has jumped through a stair-like system.

It’s been so warm that I one day I decided to walk home from work, the whole four kilometers, in just a t-shirt. When I got home I was actually sweating like a pig. Which is really strange seeing as I’m more accustomed to a cool-weathered use-a-sweater May than this.

Officially summer

Anyway, my 25th birthday’s coming up this Sunday, which means I’ve worked through one third of my life (statistically speaking). Not that I really care, yet, about my age, though a interesting thing happened earlier this week. Paulina wanted Battery (A popular Finnish energy drink), she’s found out that they actually sell these in a grocery shop near where we live. As I was going out anyway, I decided to pick up a few cans for her. There’s an age-limit on buying Energy drinks, fifteen, if I recall correctly. This age-limit is not enforced by law (in Sweden), but almost all vendors follow this unwritten rule.

As I approached the cashier, I put the cans on the counter, the cashier looked at me suspiciously. I was just about to insert my card into the card terminal when she asked me for identification papers in order to indeed confirm my age. I almost dropped my wallet, me, standing there with a beard, and she asks me if I’m over fifteen. I wonder what she thought after I handed her my driver’s license where she could see that I was almost a decade above the age-limit.

Iron Bran from Qwertee

I guess I look a lot younger than I am because I don’t really wear “adult” clothing. I love t-shirts with either gaming motives or something similar. Paulina isn’t really a fan of this, and she feels I should start growing up, which I won’t. And to celebrate my clothing style, I found this really nice t-shirt, which I ended up ordering from Qwertee as a small birthday gift to myself.

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M

I wrote earlier about the chance of us getting to extend our lease for the apartment, and this Friday we got to extended it one year. Even though we knew this would happen, I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but now as the ink is on the paper, I’ve done what I promised myself I’d do once we had the new contract in place. Buy myself a new screen. I had actually thought about buying the Dell ultrawide 29″ screen, I finally decided that it was a bit too expensive so I settled for a “cheaper” one. A Dell Ultrasharp U2412M, when comparing to other screens, it’s in no way the cheapest screen in the world, but I’ve bought enough cheap screens to last me a life time.