Tearing down computers

November 3, 2013

If you missed it, I wrote this really long post about my trip to Helsinki last week. Paulina thought I was overly negative in the post, so let me just clarify, the trip was fun, and I had a really good time. The post might’ve come off a bit negative, but I rewrote it three times before finally publishing, and I guess for every rewrite I got a bit more frustrated and just wanted to get that post out.

Paulina’s computer

Paulina’s computer bit the dust this week. It didn’t allow her to log in, it threw an error that said something along the lines of “The user profile service couldn’t log you in”. I booted the computer with a rescue disk and noticed that the “users”-folder was empty. So I did the only thing I could, I reinstalled Windows 8, but only a few minutes in on the new installation the computer started to throw new messages about “Unexpected errors”, so we’re probably gonna write it off as junk.


I knew we had a busted Macbook Pro at work, it had been through a small coffee incident, but I though I’d give it a try and revive it. A few years back I fixed another laptop that had been through a coffee bath, the only thing that didn’t work on it afterwards was the charging circuit.

I bought a set of small screw drivers and got going on the teardown. On the outside you couldn’t see any trace of coffee, but once opened up I saw that the damage was greater than I had initially thought. Apparently the coffee had been sucked up by the cooling fan, spraying down the motherboard. So I did my best, cleaned most of the circuitry with distilled water and let it dry. But the machine was dead.

I usually buy a new computer in December (because that’s the time of year when the Finnish tax reimbursements get payed out), and Paulina inherits my old machine. So lets see if I’ll have to advance this purchasing decision.