T-Shirts, Madrid, Bars and a Teleporting Dog

July 5, 2014

So Bungie’s guess that it would take approximately 5-6 weeks for the t-shirt to arrive was pretty off, it only took something like two or three weeks. I had chosen the size L, which was thankfully a perfect fit. So the only thing left is to see how much it’ll shrink when I wash it.


Madrid, the short film

I think I’ve talked about this earlier, but I’m not really sure. Whilst we were in Madrid, Kim was going about filming a lot of stuff. And onc ewe got back he asked everybody to send in what ever material they had. And after collecting all the footage, he worked his magic and created this short digital postcard. I really think he did a great job in capturing the essence of the trip.

Bazooka i Madrid 2014 from Bazooka on Vimeo.

Midweek break

I had planned to meet up with Jasper (a childhood friend, who’s moved to Stockholm a couple of months ago) though we had to postpone it a couple of times, so Wednesday we decided to go out for a couple of beers.


We started off on a boat called Thaibåten (or Thaiboat), a weird litte boat bar on the southern parts of Södermalm. It’s basically a boat with floating platforms that have sand on them, I’d bet this is a great place to hang around during the day, when the sun is high up on the sky, but during the evening when the sun is about to set? Not so much, mostly because the location, the sun goes down in the north-west, and this boat is located at the south-east parts of Södermalm.


We decided to talk a walk instead, just around the corner there’s another place called “Trädgården under bron” which is basically an outside bar located below a bridge. I’ve heard about this place, but I’ve only visited it once, during the winter, in the night, so I had no idea what to expect.


It’s a pretty weird place to tell you the truth, they’ve got a boules-area, a ping pong table, and lots of other stuff that you wouldn’t expect at a bar.

Booked some vacation time

The only crappy Norwegian Air picture that I found on my phone, enjoy.

I hadn’t planned to take any vacation this summer, but no seeing as I’ve got a nephew, I wanted to head out and meet him. So I applied for a two days of vacation at the end of July. Both days got approved and my flight has been booked. I’ve also got some other interesting things going on in Vasa during my stay, so I’m looking forward to post about it.

Fröjel, the teleporting office dog

Fröjel, one of the dog’s that usually hang around the office has an interesting super-power. You basically never see Fröjel move about, but every time you walk through the office she lies on a new location. This has made me come to the conclusion that either she move really, really slowly, as in she is in constant movement, but it’s so slow that you don’t notice it, or she teleports around the office. Either way, she’s a wonderful dog.