Swedish tax reimbursement

August 11, 2013

So this week I’ve done absolutely nothing, zero, zip, nada. I did however get my tax reimbursement from the Swedish Tax Department, which was nice, until I burned it all on a Windows Surface RT. I almost got the exact same amount that one costs, so I felt it was only appropriate. And I need something new to play with.


I had actually tried to hold out on buying one until I got monorun for windows phone released, because I knew that if I’d go out and get a new gadget to play around with, I’d probably throw monorun into a corner for a while. So ten points for me! In all seriousness though, I’ve only got a few small things left to do on monorun before I can release it for certification (I need to re-position some buttons, and add the correct font).

I’ve also spent the weekend looking through the Godfather movies, though I didn’t see them in chronological order, living dangerously as I do, I started with the second movie, jump back to the first and ended with the third. Which I’ve gotta say was a bad idea, because I was constantly having problems knowing what had happened, what was going to happen and which persons were still alive.

Just as my previous Saturday, I woke up with a headache, and decided to go out and walk it off (and fetch an ice cream). I decided that I wanted my ice cream on Medborgarplatsen, and once there I wanted to cross Västerbron (which connects Kungsholmen and Södermalm). So I started walking from Medborgarplatsen to Gamla Stan, Riddarholmen, over to Kungsholmen, the sun was shining and it was really hot outside, I felt I needed something to drink, I thought I’d just pop in to the first store on my path along Norra Mälarstranden (at Kungsholmen). The only problem was that there isn’t one convenience store on that route (though there were plenty of ice cream stands, but I didn’t have any cash, only my debit card). I kept walking, I got to Västerbron, crossed it, and at last, in Hornstull, I found my 7-eleven (which I was a frequent customer at when I lived in Hornstull). I was so thirsty that I bought, against better judgement, a bottle of water, a large red bull and a pear slush. In retrospect, I feel that the bottle of water would’ve been enough. When I got home, my headache was gone, but instead my feet were really sore (though I’d take that any day instead of a headache). Because we live in the digital age, I can share my route!


I found lots of love padlocks half way across the Västerbro bridge. This in itself isn’t that interesting, but why do people lock their padlocks to other people’s locks? Wouldn’t that be like “our love depends on these other people’s love”? If I’d put a lock there, I’d definitely lock it to the bridge.