Sweden’s national day

June 7, 2014

It’s been mostly an uninteresting week so far. I did get back form Madrid this Monday, and wrote a blog post about it last Tuesday, and you can read about that here. Other than that, not much has happened.

Not only has it been quite a boring week, it’s also been an exceptionally short week. I’ve only had two workdays this week, Wednesday and Thursday, you see I got back from Madrid Monday, I took Tuesday off and Friday is a bank holiday because Sweden is celebrating it’s national day (a.k.a independence day, but because Sweden hasn’t been occupied, they celebrate a national day instead).

What did I do to celebrate such an event? Well, I checked with the natives, and most of them are treating the national day as a pre-midsummer eve, in other words, they’re heading out to there cottages in the forest and drink a lot of booze.


And because I don’t have a cottage, I decided to go do something I’ve really started to enjoy, going to the movies in the middle of the day. I decided to go watch Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise. I’ll give you the shortest review ever; The movie was at best mediocre. I can’t really say much else, otherwise I’m going to spoil it. Yeah, that’s right, just talking anything about the story will spoil it completely, you pretty much figure out the whole movie in the first 10 minutes, the rest of the movie you whisper to yourself “I told you so”.

Anyway, here’s the trailer, which astonishingly doesn’t give away a lot about the movie, it’s mostly just special effects.

And that’s it for this week. Hopefully I’ll have more to say next week.