Summer is coming

May 17, 2015

The sun’s been shining this week, and the temperature has been steadily rising, and I’ve really enjoyed this week’s spring, I’m actually in disbelief that summer is just 2 weeks away. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but I wholeheartedly dislike spring and autumn, they are completely unnecessary, their sole existence is to annoy me (contrary to popular belief, the world doesn’t revolve around the sun, but actually around me).

Anyway, in order to fully enjoy the awesome weather, Paulina and me headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. There’s a park with a beach really close by (which I believe I’ve mentioned in an earlier post), this place would be perfect for a summer evening picnic, it’s located on the east side of the island, which means that the sunset should be fully visible from the beach.

Lauttasaari beach
Sand and grass, I can’t come up with anything clever to write.

On the subject of beaches, one thing that I’m dead-set on doing is going to Hanko, visiting the beaches there. There’s really no place as good as Hanko during the summer. It’s a short 2 hour train ride there from Helsinki, which means it would be possible to go there just over a day.

Helsinki beach
I submitted this picture to this week’s fotosöndag’s challenge “unsharp”.

In other news, I turned 27 this week. I go through great lengths to cover up when my birthday is, and I usually take the day off from work as well, this year I couldn’t since I don’t have any vacation days yet. It’s not that having a birthday is something that I’m ashamed of, quite the opposite actually, I like getting older, but it’s the unwarranted attention that comes with it, I always feel like an idiot when people congratulate me, because there’s no good way to answer a “Happy birthday”, I always want to respond with a “you too!” but that would be a bit awkward. I also dislike when it’s turned in to a thing, like cake or something at work, because again, I feel awkward about the whole ordeal, it’s better just to try and keep it on the down low.

Crow walking on beach
This crow walked by me on the beach like he owned the place.

Remember the picture I talked about last week, “Angles”? Well surprisingly it kind of hit off with the flickr crowd, it’s now my most viewed image on flickr, over 45000 views to this date (as well as the most favorited one), it’s weird that some pictures, some that I myself don’t particularly like, can be so well received. On the subject of pictures of my own that I like, I think “Storm” is my favorite; it’s dark, it’s cold, and windy — but I’m pretty sure my judgement is clouded since the fishing trip that I was on when I took the picture was really fun.

Imagine the sound of Homer Simpson gurgling, here’s a link

I know this is a played out subject, but Kotipizza, the greatest pizza ever made, deserves to be mentioned multiple times. Since the move, I’ve had Kotipizza every single weekend, I’m a bit of a habit person, and I’ll easily fall in to a rut. When I first moved to Stockholm, I kept going to Subway every Saturday, so now instead of a sandwich, it’s a pizza.

As I’m writing this, I realize that every post these last few weeks have contained at least one picture of food, is this becoming a food blog, slowly pushing out all other content? I’ll have to revise this next week. It’s just that food is such an easy object to photograph, not easy as in “it’s easy to get good pictures of it” but more in the sense of convenience, the subject doesn’t move, and you have all the time in the world

HSL - HRT, Bus 72, Mosabacka
HSL – HRT, Bus 72, Mosabacka

Funny thing happened when I was walking about, I found a bus heading for Mosabacka, out of context, I can see why this is quite uninteresting, but the fact that Bazooka is located on Mosebacke on Södermalm, makes it, at least according to me, a bit funny.