Stockholm in rain

November 25, 2012

Well we’ve finally settled down in the new apartment, the choice of furniture, in lack of better words, are maybe not really my style. But nonetheless, it’s our home for, at least, the next six months. The moving went great, or as great as any moving can be. I’ve come accustomed to always have a car at hand when moving, but this time we only had public transportation, thankfully, we don’t own any furniture in Sweden so we only had to carry bags, and because we haven’t taken all of our possessions from Finland yet, we only had to go two trips before being done. But take note, moving stuff in the middle of rush hour can be kind of stressful.

We’ve also had family from Finland over, on a short visit, my sister, her fiancee and a few of their friends came over for a one day visit. I had to get up at 04:30 AM on Saturday morning, which I can tell you, wasn’t really anything I wanted to do. But every minute with a family member is worth the stress for. I headed out to Gärdet and waited for them to get off the boat. Once off, we wondered what we were supposed to do, because Stockholm, even though it’s one of the largest cities in the Nordic countries, is kind of dead at 6 AM on Saturday morning, there’s only a few stragglers left from Friday’s partying and a lot of street cleaners. So we proceeded to invade our apartment, me (carrying my server) and five persons in a row, traveled across central Stockholm to Årstadal. Paulina, still fast asleep, was moderately happy when I woke her up telling her that she should get up and but on a pot of coffee for our guests.
After dumping the server and drinking a cup of coffee, we rushed back towards T-Centralen (their tickets were only valid for one hour). The thing with Stockholm is that it can be a great place, there’s a lot of things you can see and do here, in the summer, when the weather’s good. And in late November, it’s not summer anymore, and the weather was anything but good, it was cold and raining. But we did walk through Gamla Stan and Sergels Torg.
Even though the weather wasn’t on our side, I did enjoy to spend some time with the people from home, and in a few weeks I’ll meet them again but in Vasa.

As I mentioned earlier, my sister brought me my Proliant MicroServer with her from Vasa. And as I was carrying it through Stockholm, it reminded me of a thing I had written earlier, which some of you might remember;

Heed this warning, don’t ever try to transport one of these beast [referring to HP Proliant] with public transportation.
Me, on carrying servers through Stockholm

No damaged had occurred to the server and all five drives are working (4 500GB disks and a single 250GB disk). Though one of the drives had some problem initializing, so it feels like I should upgrade them, but that’ll have to be a different project for the future. I’m also contemplating about upgrading the RAM from current 4GB (2*2GB Sticks) to 16GB RAM (2*4GB sticks), because I’m planning to virtualize quite a lot of things on this, relatively slow, machine.