Stickers from Redbubble

February 1, 2014

The long awaited stickers. I bought them from Redbubble two weeks ago. I was a bit worried that the postal office would mess up the package, but Redbubble has this cardboard-like envelope that really seems to be able to take a beating.

Sadly, the quality of the stickers weren’t really that great, I was hoping that stickers wouldn’t have an edge, but on closer inspection you could see that the process of printing and manufacturing these stickers seem to be fully automated, and because the stickers are user uploaded, I bet that they’ve added the white edge in order to be sure that the complete sticker is printed.

The stickers were also a lot smaller than I had imagined, seeing as they’re presented without contextual size (and the sizes they write out aren’t in the metric scale).

Would I use Redbubble again? I don’t think so, but they were really cheap, so I guess they’ve got that going for them (I paid a total of $6 for six stickers with free shipping from the US to Sweden).


The sticker that I’ve wanted since I bought my thinkpad is the official NASA logo. It’s pretty strange that NASA wouldn’t monetize on selling original stickers and other memorabilia from their site (but one could argue that isn’t part of their core business). You might wonder why I’d want a NASA sticker specifically for the ThinkPad? Well, the answer is simply because ThinkPads and NASA have a long history together and I’ve read that ThinkPads are the only laptops certified for use on the International Space Station (they’ve used ThinkPads ever since ISS was first launched in 1998).


I decided to get a few other stickers while I was at it. I didn’t want to mess up the clean look of the ThinkPad, so I went for my work laptop. We do have a say in what kind of laptop we get at work, but somehow most of us have ended up with almost identical Dell Latitude laptops. I already had the yellow “Shake my hand chump” as well as the “SteelSeries” stickers in order to quickly identify my machine, but the other ones are new. This photo is actually already a bit outdated (even though it was taken this week), we’ve finally printed some bazooka stickers, which I’ve added to the laptop cover.

After work, Beacons

We like to hang out with our clients at Bazooka, and we’ve lately started to have live-talks and tech-demos at our after work events (Some of you might remember the last one we had where we made a jukebox and drink tickets powered by NFC chips).


This time one of our digital strategists, Hanna KastÃ¥s, talked about iBeacons, and what possibilities they open up in an increasingly digitalized world. I acted as a temporary cinematographer and coordinated the filming of the event (which will hopefully be up on bazooka’s website soon).

For the tech-demo we modded our arcade machine (yupp, we’ve got an arcade machine at the office) and connected a raspberryPi to it. We created a small iPhone app that lets users connect to the raspberryPi and insert digital coins when in the vicinity of the arcade machine. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of it as I was too busy with the filming, but you’ll have to believe me when I say it was awesome.


The design department wanted to give our toilets some 8-bit love before the event took place. They decided to skip the traditional retro artworks featuring either Super Mario or Mega Man and go with a more modern hero, Fez. If you don’t know who Fez is, I highly recommend watching “Indie Game The Movie” which is partly about the creation of Fez (as well as the passion, frustration and stress that goes into creating indie games).