Stealing cars like a champ

September 21, 2013

I’ve tried my best, I really have.

Figuring out how to summarize one’s past week, in an interesting way, is hard, when everything I’ve done basically boils down to two things, working and playing GTA V.

To day for instance, the first thing I though of after I had gotten up from bed was, should I eat now, or should I play more GTA. I ended up eating first, figuring I could have a long uninterrupted game time if I did so.

So I’m thinking that you’re probably all wondering if it’s a good game? (This is me grasping for straws so I get a higher word count on this post.)

Yeah, it’s quite good, the world is a bit small though, a lot smaller than I had initially thought, it actually feels like the size of San Andreas, you can fly through the world, assuming you get a plane, in a few minutes. The addition of multiple main protagonists, which of all of them have their own specialties, like good at handling a car, good at handling weapons and so forth. This adds to the experience a whole lot, because you can switch between the characters whenever you want (except when you’re in a mission). I haven’t played that much of the main storline yet, I’m at about 26% completion of the game. I’ve mostly just run around creating havoc, I mean, when in Rome.

As I’m writing this post, Paulina is forcing me not to play anymore, some of our friends from Vasa are in town, and she wants us to go out and meet them. I’d rather just stay at home and continue my rampage against the Los Santos Police Department.