Spray painting with Calle and Elias

November 16, 2013

As with almost all weekends, you get bored. Today, Saturday, whilst trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for breakfast, I remember something totally unrelated. Calle and Elias, designers at bazooka, had invited me to hang out with them when they were going to paint a canvas. So having nothing important to do, I headed out to meet them. I got to the office at around 1 PM, by that time they had already been at it for about 4 hours.

I decided to just stay back and play photographer. All in all I shot about 250 images, so that’s a lot to go through, but I did some quick and rough edits and here’s a handful.


Calle and Elias doing their thing.


As earlier stated, they’d gotten pretty far when I got there.




A modern take of  “The Creation of Adam” in the Sistine Chapel.


Calle was doing some kind of blurb character, while Elias made a monkey that had eaten some of the goo that the blurb was leaking. (Yeah, I didn’t really understand it either)


The neighborhood doesn’t really match the whole graffiti street-culture scene.


Half way through we went to get more caps for the cans, as well as pizza.


They decided to use markers for the details, even though they considered it “cheating” but I’d say they were better off with that decision, and once it’s done, it really doesn’t matter how it got created.



Once it got to dark outside, we moved the boards inside, where they continued with the outlines.


Adding outlines to the floating goo.


Guess the devil’s in the details.


It was nice getting indoors after standing outside almost the whole day.


I left a bit early, so I didn’t get to see the final version, but this was the last picture that I took, and I feel that they succeeded with creating an awesome artwork for the office.