Space exploration, star observations

November 16, 2014

Right, so you might be wondering what happened with the astronomy thing that I mentioned last week? Well after a hectic day, I went there, I was supposed to go with Bo, but he was busy taking care of sick children, so I was at it alone.


I got there, unsure were I was supposed to go, but after walking around the different houses I finally found it. I knocked the door. You see, I had paid my membership fee the Friday before, and this was monday, and it takes at least one bank day to handle post-giro, so my payment hadn’t gotten through yet, and I didn’t want to burst in like I owned the place. Anyway, an older man opened the door looking a bit surprised to see me, my normal awkwardness got the better part of me, and I tried to explain that while I wasn’t officially a member, I had indeed paid, after my rambling, he looked like I was a bit crazy, and then step a side welcoming me in.

I forgot to mention the clouds right? It was really cloudy, and dark. So I knew from the get go that we wouldn’t be able to do any observations, but I still wanted to check the place out.


So when I walked in to this little house, I was greeted by another older man, there were only two people present, they were looking through photos on a computer. I sat down opposite of them and started talking. After a while some other people came there, but I think we were at most around 7 or 10 people.


I did get a chance to see one of their telescope, a Celestron, a large one at that, though I’m not really qualified to say what size, but it was pretty large, and did look quite expensive.

What did you do when humanity landed on a comet?

A major event in space exploration, the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft launched it’s landing probe Philae to the surface of a comet. It’s not the first time humankind has “touched” a comet, see NASA mission “Deep impact”, but it is the first time we’ve actually landed on a comet.

I decided that this is probably one of the things my future kids will ask me, “What did I do when ESA landed on a comet?”, and so I decided to try and remember.

When the landing took place, I was seated at work, watching the live stream, most of my colleagues had left for the day, and I was actually in a hurry (was going to a concert). The whole landing event was live streamed, and I was, at first, the only one at work able to get a good connection.

So what did you do? And what will you tell your children and grandchildren?

Loop troop rockers

I went to a concert, and I blogged about it here.


And I’mma tell you, try to get pictures in a concert with fast moving targets, people dancing, and low lights, it ain’t easy.