So long Stockholm, and thanks for all the fish.

March 20, 2015

That’s it people. My final day at Bazooka, and my last day in Sweden.

It’s kind of bitter sweet to tell you the truth, I’m going to miss everybody, but at the same time, I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.

Bazooka HQ on Fiskargatan 8, Stockholm.

The week has been very different from my usual weeks. We’ve had spring weather, with some northern lights, and to end the week, we got snow with a partial solar eclipse — a hell of a week to leave. In many ways it feels like Sweden is saying it’s goodbyes.

It felt even stranger on Friday, my last day. I was forced to make a last quick-fix for a project, even though I told Anders that it would be a pretty ugly hack, but the customer wanted it, so my last commit at bazooka was not a spectacular code-that-does-it-all, but instead something my replacement will have to clean up.

Anyway, as I was starting to pack up my stuff, I was left with two items in my hands, a Moomin plush toy that I was given by Anders a year ago, and the knife that I practically got the day that I started. I decided to leave them behind, adding a small name tag to the Moomin, and placed them both at the window were all the certifications are.

I think they’ll enjoy it.

I had to leave something, right?

As we were going to lunch, Anders started to notice some interesting signs on the way. The first was a parking ticket meter that said “Adjö” which means goodbye in Swedish. The next sign that came up was a store that is soon to be opened, they’ve covered the windows with papers, and on the paper they’ve drawn lots of stars and written the text “På väg” which again, is translated to “On the way”.

I’d like to stress that I’m not one of those people who believes in destiny and the supernatural, but I gotta say, I’ve never gotten these many signs — or at least I’ve never noticed them in the way that I did today.

“Adjö” which means goodbye in Swedish.

We got back from lunch and that’s pretty much when I decided to shutdown my computer, reformat it, and tidy up the rest of my table. Every time I format a computer I feel like I need to back it up first, I got this feeling this time as well, but it’s quite liberating to just throw it all away (in all honesty, I tried to back it up, but the program kept failing, so I stopped trying).

The clock was 16:30 when I finally decided to start heading home, I put on my jacket, took a quick stroll around the office, hugging people (this is a thing in Sweden) and promised that I’ll come visit soon again.

“På väg” which again, is translated to “On the way”.

I’ve grown tremendously here in Stockholm, and I’ve got a lot of gratitude for my friends at Bazooka. But just like life, we gotta keep going; and I’m on my way.