Sleep deprived Friday

November 10, 2012

It’s interesting how things change fast, last week I wrote lots of posts, this week, not as much, even though more things have happened this week than last.

So this week, the main event was the EMC Forum (Which I’ll get into more technically later in this post). The event was from 8 AM ’til 6 PM. They did offer some food, but nothing that will actually curb your appetite. And I’m a person who will, easily, get a headache if I don’t eat enough or drink enough. So needless to say, I had a small headache when I left the event.
And now to the irritating part, at the moment, we live in a apartment where we’re three persons, but we only got two sets of keys. Usually me and Paulina share one set and Cecilia has one set. When I head out to work, I usually leave the keys with Paulina (So she can come and go as she wants during the day) and Thursday was no exception. Except one little detail, Paulina was going to try out a new job, which started at 3 PM and ended around 1 AM. Cecilia on the other hand had gone out to a theater and was expected to be out all evening. Which left me, with two bags, a headache and no keys, standing outside our building, somewhat pissed. So I did the only reasonable thing to do. I bought a new phone for ~6000 SEK and, luckily, I got to crash at a friends place. I was mildly sleep deprived on Friday morning when I woke up, only got about 5-6 hours of sleep (I like to sleep around 8 hours per night).

This Friday Bazooka held an After Work, everybody was invited, the projected figure of incoming people was about 60, can’t say I know how many actually made it. But there were lots of people. Next time, you shouldn’t miss it, was a great deal of fun and met lots of new and fun people.

EMC Forum 2012, Stockholm

The EMC event that I mentioned in an earlier post (and earlier in this post) was very informative. It was really fun to actually see hand hear from real professionals on how you can/should handle the current state of growing data and the futures need of more and faster hard disks.
The thing that really stuck to my mind was their recommendation to use SSD combined with normal slow 7.2k SATA disks, where the SSD disks, comprising of roughly 5-10 percent of the disk area, would mostly serve up “hot”-data (data that is often read from or read to) whilst the 7.2k drives would mostly store “cold”-data (data that needs to be saved, but isn’t usually accessed). The drives that aren’t cost effective anymore, is surprisingly, the 15k drives, they don’t offer any large performance gains vs the 7.2k drives (if you factor in the speeds from SSD’s) and the $/GB ratio is worse than the 7.2k drives.

The comparison (drawn from memory) was something like this:


So if you combine the 7.2k drives with the SSDs (acting as cache) you’ll get more for less. They were quoting figures like 40% more performance for 40% less money.

HTC 8x

I’ve heard that some people are getting a bit tired of reading about my current obsession with trying out the new Windows Phone 8 OS. Well hopefully this post will somewhat end this spree of posts about WP8. After getting the “official” release date for the Lumia in Sweden, which is 29th of November, I went out and bought myself an HTC 8x, the other Windows Phone 8 flagship phone.
Sadly, HTC doesn’t offer a white variant of the phone, so I settled for the normal black one. The main differences between the Lumia and the 8x is that the Lumia is larger, in both weight and screen estate, and has a better camera. The 8x on the other hand is a bit smaller, lighter and thinner, and should, speculatively have better sound (because of beats by dre, which in reality, I doubt).
Yesterday at Bazookas After Work, I got the chance to actually hold and try out a Lumia 920. I’d say I actually prefer the weight of the Lumia, it feels more robust than the HTC. But on the other hand, I really don’t like the size of the screen, 4.5″ is just to big. The 8x is sporting a 4.3″ and that is almost too large. I’d say the sweet-spot (for me) would be somewhere around 4″.