Skype and Diablo …

February 24, 2013

..but not skyping with Diablo.

I’ve spent, what feels like, a lot of time on Skype with Carlos, and I’ve really enjoyed it. We been talking a lot about redesigning my website, and Carlos has already come up with some amazing stuff.

As a I wrote last week, I’ve started looking into C#. And as always, when wanting to do something, it’s equally important to actually have something to do. I sent in a request to the guys over at for access to an JSON api, and they delivered. So I’ve been building a small application that gives notifications when something happens on notification

I can already see you people scratching your heads, what is It’s a small Diablo community (Small as in community, but large as in a Diablo community). They track people’s game characters and equipment and they have leaderboards and a lot of other fancy stuff, so if your into Diablo 1, you should really sign up!

Last week’s Sunday we had a pleasant surprise here in Stockholm. My mother was on her way to Canada but missed her outbound flight from Helsinki, so she flew over to Stockholm and spent the day with me and Paulina.