Skipping a complete season.

February 22, 2014

It’s really weird that the weather has switched over to spring all of the sudden, it’s like we’ve completely skipped winter. All of the snow is gone, there’s almost now gravel left. My favourite season has passed, and I didn’t even get to enjoy it.

Fotosondag (Photo Sunday)

I know that it’s probably getting a bit boring reading about Fotosondag, but what else is there to write about? This week’s word is “Kontur” (Contour). Again, lots of ideas.


I decided to go out and by some stuff to try out to specific and see if they would work out. I bought some random stuff, got home 200 sek poorer and tried the ideas out. And sadly, both of them failed. I usually like to see the creative process of things, so I decided to include one of the failed images.


The idea I ended up going with is a pretty safe idea, and I’m expecting a lot of variations on it.


On the subject of photography and cameras, we got to play around with an SC:Newton camera stabilizer at work. This thing is the definition of awesome.

Testing if the grass is truly greener on the other side.

This might come as a shock to some people, but I’ve decided to try out Linux as my main operating system for the time being.

I did however “save” my Windows 8.1 installation. Instead of just formatting my system drive I decided to take the safe route, i.e. buy a new SSD disk to install xubuntu on. The reason why I’ve chosen xubuntu instead of Debian, my usual flavour of distro, is because I want something that should work out of the box, I don’t want to spend the entire evening looking for drivers or random hacks just to get the mouse working.

Changing disk

This is not the first time that I’ve tried to switch over, every few years I try to see if I can manage without windows and the plethora of tools that I’ve grown accustomed to. Truthfully I always switch back, usually because of some obscure bug or other random quirks that just make the system unbearable to use.

The reason why I want to move away from windows isn’t because I dislike Microsoft, it’s because of all the attacks against windows that I think I’d just feel a lot safer using an operating system that isn’t exploited as much.

So how have I managed so far? Well, I’ve only had the system installed for a few hours, but I’m already going a bit crazy over not finding any good applications for handling camera raw files. And that xfce can’t reliably disconnect a secondary screen without needing to be restarted, or that I had to spend 2 hours to get the screen brightness controls working. Most of these things are stuff that I just expect to work, but no, that’s not the case with xubuntu. I mean, if I — who’ve used linux in server environments for years — am having trouble with these simple things, how can anyone expect that linux ever will be able to get more than a few percent of the market?

Updated: I ended up using it for ten hours before I switched back to my Windows 8 disk (the biggest reason was that I needed to fix the images for this blog post). I think I’ll need to evaluate a few distros to see which ones actually work.

One last thing

Because last week’s post about my cooking skills was so liked I felt that this image would be equally appreciated.