Skandia with Bazooka

October 24, 2012

Safety not guaranteed was the movie that Bazooka treated us with. We had a “small” get-together with friends, partners, customers and really anybody who wanted to come. What made this event more special, at least for me, was that the Facebook page where you could sign up for the event, was made by yours truly. It’s also the first thing that I’ve made for bazooka from scratch and that’s gone live.

At the end of today we had over 360 persons that had notified that they were attending. I don’t know the actual number of attendees, but I had to stand in line to get in, which is a positive sign.

When we built the Facebook app/page, I was instructed to not use the normal permission dialog, we didn’t want to force the users to feel intimidated. But we still needed to know who they were (In order to have a correct guest list for the bouncers). At first we built the app only allowing people that had liked our Facebook page, but after some discussions we felt that the right thing was to allow anybody to sign up, and if they wanted to, they could like our page. So we rebuilt the “like-gate” (which used the signed_request post var that Facebook sends to apps) and added a new button, “I don’t like bazooka (yet) but I’d like to go to the movies”, which overrode the like gate with a cookie.
After you had filled in the application (Name, Email and optionally your company) another cookie was set so you’d see a thank you notice with a reminder of the time, date and place for the event.
We later added a Facebook event as well, which complicated the matter, people had some trouble realizing that in order to actually sign up for the event, they had to fill in the form. Seeing as this confusion was made by us, I added an admin page for the event were you could import users which were marked as “attending”. The importer in turn cross checked the names against the signed up names and only added the ones which didn’t exist. Naturally there were some duplicates, but nothing manual labor couldn’t handle.

It was fun, and the movie was great