Sightseeing failure

August 31, 2014

We had a kick-off at work this week, we spent the whole Friday on a seminar about presentation technique — which was really interesting.

Through out the day we had to do some exercises, in one of them we were paired up and had to listen to each other talk, about anything really, and if the other person used a “garbage word” e.g. like, err, uhm, eeh, etc. we had to stop them. It just took a few minutes before you really started to think about the noises you make when you’re looking for words, and once you realised it, it was kind of easy to stop yourself from uttering these noises.

After the seminar, we had a small party in the office (small in the Bazooka sense, we usually have a lot of people over).

Beer and wine

On the subject of beverages, I found a retro, vintage-like Pepsi cola can in a small shop near the office. I don’t like the taste of Pepsi, but the can was too cool to pass off. From some quick googling, I’d say the logo is the one from 1971.

If only it tasted as good as it looked.


I spent Sunday day at Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm, meeting up with Mistu and Victor. We spent a good few hours at an outdoor restaurant catching up. I generally don’t like to sit around for too long, so I suggested that we’d visit a place from the book “100 cool places in Stockholm”.

Mistu enjoying the warm autumn weather

I had already wanted to visit #65 Industrispåret Södra Station – Stadsgården (The industry railway on Södermalm) but nobody got excited about it. So instead we went for a parking tunnel beneath Mosebacke #57 Smitvägen Slussen – Björnsträdgård (Escape route between Slussen and Björnsträdgård). Sadly, upon arrival, it looked like you couldn’t actually go through the tunnel. Again, back to the book, #70 Skybar i Skatteskrapan (The skybar in the skyscraper Skrapan), we got there and were greeted with a sign, “Closed on Sundays”. Damn.

At this point Mistu and Victor gave up, but perseverance is the key to success and Paulina, Sandra and I decided to continue, and this time we were going to succeed.

#22 Olof Palme-turen (The Olof Palme tour)

Some of you probably know this story, Olof Palme, the famous Swedish prime minister that got assassinated on the streets of Stockholm in 1986.

In short, the prime minister and his wife decided to go watch a movie at the Grand Cinema. When the movie was over they walked home, on their way Olof got fatally shot, point blank, and his wife, Lisbet Palme, was injured. The perpetrator ran off and got away (and hasn’t yet been caught).

So the first stop was naturally the Grand Cinema on Sveavägen.


After leaving the cinema, the couple had walked down Sveavägen, crossing it at the corner of Sveavägen and Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata.


Finally, a couple of blocks down, at the corner of Sveavägen and Tunnelgatan, is where they met their assassin. Today there’s a memorial plate embedded in the street.

This is the location that the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was murdered the 28th of February 1986.

After completeing the tour, we kept on walking. We arrived at St. Johannes Church, which was humongous. I didn’t have a lens with me that could capture the size of the church, but on the sides of the entrance they had statues of, er, priests?


I feel like I want to leave a question for my readers, do you like to read about the adventures from the book? Or would you rather read about something else?