Sickdays, vacation and ice hockey

May 4, 2013

I’ve been secretly aiming on getting a clean year without a single sick day from work, and it was all going so well until this Tuesday, I was just about to get to the 9 months milestone when I got the familiar dizziness feeling when you’re just about to get ill.

Tuesday morning, woke up after a bad night’s sleep with a sore throat, stuffy nose, dizzy head and a general I’m-not-feeling-all-too-well. I got up from bed hoping it was just a temporary feeling, got in the shower thinking it would clear up, though it didn’t really help at all. Put on my clothes thinking that if I just get through the day I’ll be able to take it easy the next day seeing as Wednesday was first of May, a public holiday here in the northern hemisphere, which means I wouldn’t have to go to work.

Just as I was about to exit the apartment I changed my mind, because of one reason. I hate being sick, I feel I should say that again, I hate being sick. I hate it so much that I’d almost do anything not to get sick. And the thing I hate second to being sick is people who jeopardize my well-being by coming to work when they’re sick, in other words, the exact same thing that I was just about to do. So I decided to put away my pride and call in a sick day, which sucked. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, feeling sorry for myself.

Even though I wasn’t completely cured, I went to work on Thursday and Friday, my biggest symptom was a congested nose. I’ve decided that for the weekend I’ll just stay at home and charge my internal batteries, feels like my two previous weekends have been quite stressful and I need some quiet time. And on the positive side, I’m taking out a vacation day next Friday, and because next Thursday is Ascension Day, my next weekend will be four days long.

A few weeks ago we were supposed to send in our summer vacation wishes. I’ve never been good at estimating when I want to be free, so I jotted down two dates, 12 July (Friday) and 15 July (Monday). These days are important because my sister’s wedding is set for the 13th of July and Norwegian Air only flies out to and from Vasa on Mondays and Fridays. I’m pretty sure I was the only employee to only want two days of vacation, and my bosses weren’t amused, because they felt I should take out more. Being unable to decide for myself I tasked my team leader to decide when I should have my vacation, and yesterday I got the results, I’ll be out on summer vacation from the 12th of July to the 5th of August, which means I’ll probably spend a week in Vasa.

The world championship in ice hockey started yesterday. This year, just like last year it’s played in both Finland and Sweden. I’m not like the average hockey lover, tell you the truth, I’ve rarely even cared about hockey, but since moving abroad it’s become a bit more interesting. Mainly because ice hockey is a loved sport in Finland and now that I don’t live there anymore it feels like I should try to be a bit more patriotic (Funny how that works, right?).

Yesterday two important matches were played. Finland vs. Germany and Sweden vs. Switzerland. Me being both a Finnish and German citizen as well as living in Sweden means that whatever the outcome of these matches I had to both lose and win. We don’t have a subscription for our television at home so I couldn’t watch the game on the TV, and I tried desperately to find a live stream of the Finnish game, but sadly I only came up with a Russian stream (and I’m not going to watch a game commentated in Russian). So instead I opted to wait for the games to end and watch as the results came up on Facebook from fellow Finns. Finland won against Germany, and Sweden lost against Switzerland, leaving me with one win and two losses.