Shipping projects, riding the night bus and just being awesome

November 30, 2013

The year 2013 is coming to an end, or that’s how it feels at least. I’ve noticed this week that a lot of Christmas ornaments are appearing on the streets.

Holiday decorations are interesting, the fact that they just appear, without anyone actually installing them, like small night trolls are running around putting up strange things that glow.

I actually like them, they lighten up the day a lot now that we’re heading towards complete darkness. Last year I missed almost all the ornaments here in Stockholm so I thought I’d go ahead and take a quick walk around Sergelstorg to look at them. (Yes, I was that bored, don’t judge, and honestly, I needed pictures for this post so the last few paragraphs were something I mostly wrote as a filler.)

Bought a new laptop

As I’ve writtenĀ earlier, Paulina’s laptop’s been acting up, and I usually get a new laptop at the end of the year. This year I jumped the gun a bit early. I actually wrote this super long post about all the different laptops that I was considering, but I didn’t have the time to finish it up, and instead, just decided to buy the one I wanted the most (Which ended up being a ThinkPad T431S). I’ll write a more complete post about the new laptop once I’ve gotten used to it a bit more.


Crunch time is over


This week marked the end of a real big project that I’ve worked on a few months. Sadly, I can’t say what project, nor who the customer is, but what I can say is this: We all put a lot of back in to it, and the result is amazing, both how it looks and how the code is structured. It’s been real fun to work on the project, and I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff.

Honk, honk, all aboard the fail bus

I usually follow Paulina to work when she’s got a graveyard shift because she feels a bit uncomfortable walking alone.

Once we get to Arlanda Express I turn around and take the night bus back home, this ride usually last about 20 minutes. This time though something strange happened. At first when I got to the bus stop, the bus was already there, and there were people standing outside. Apparently the bus driver wasn’t letting anyone board the bus. After a few minutes he finally opened the doors and people could get on, we were about five in total. He didn’t leave immediately but instead sat at the driver’s seat and listened to classical music (that’s a waning sign in itself).

A complete different bus

A few more minutes passed by, and finally he was going to start up the bus. But the engine didn’t want to agree, so the starter cranked, but the engine wouldn’t ignite. The driver went outside and did something, came back in, tried to start it, and repeated the process a few times. At last the engine started up and the bus left. Meanwhile I just kept on checking twitter and was reading the news, not really paying attention. All of a sudden the bus stopped unexpectedly, we stood still for a few seconds and then the bus driver yelled out; “Do anyone know the direction to the next stop?”.

That’s not really something you want to hear from a bus driver. Anyway, nobody answered. So the driver kept going, without knowing where. We pulled up into an intersection which was far too small for a bus, but he forced the bus through and took down a road sign while doing so. At this point I got a bit, not worried, but stressed that I wouldn’t get back home in time to catch up on a few more precious hour of sleep.

The bus continued up a ramp of some sort, and then he stopped again. I glanced forward and saw that we were now driving against traffic. At this point I’ll admit, I was also a bit worried. The bus driver did try to reverse down the exit ramp that we had driven on to, but he gave up pretty quickly (I’m guessing he was a bit stressed at this point), so instead he tried another tactic. Because the oncoming traffic had stopped (obviously) he drove back up and tried to turn the bus around where the main road forks. This was of course a really, really, really stupid idea. The road had four lanes, two which were going down the exit ramp and two that continued on, trying to maneuver something as large as a bus in that junction was going to fail.

And failed it did. One side of the road had a fence and the other had a concrete wall, and the oncoming traffic, while standing still, was too close for the bus to get the radius it needed. So the driver tried to move back and forth to get the bus around, but while doing so he came to close to road divider-wall, which came crashing through the doors in the middle of the bus. Which led us to a complete stop. At this point the traffic congestion was so bad that I couldn’t see the end of the line.


The driver opened what was left of the doors, and we all got off and walked to the nearest subway station. As I was walking from the bus I took this one picture. I could’ve taken more, but I didn’t want to cause more stress to the poor driver by standing there with a camera adding insult to injury.

I’m going to guess that the driver, who looked like he was in his mid-fifties, was an experienced driver, but this was probably his first time driving this particular bus route, and so he got lost, tried to correct his mistake and just dug himself deeper. I really did feel sorry for him, way to start your day by wrecking a bus and jamming one of Stockholm’s busiest roads.