Secret stuff and whatnots

December 17, 2012

Just five more days until I go to Vasa, four more workdays, one of which we’ll celebrate the holidays with work. So it’s a fun upcoming week to look forward to.

I’ve been working on a thing this last week, and while I can’t show you what yet, all I can say it’ll be pretty awesome. And to make things interesting, I’ll attach some code from this upcoming project, see if you can guess what it’ll be;

	type:'snowMan sceneryItem'
	type:'snowPileMedium sceneryItem'

Ricky Gervais

We (me, Paulina and Herman) went to see Ricky Gervais tonight at Globen. I’m personally not such a big fan of Ricky’s, but I do like “tennis-ball-headed”¬†Karl Pilkington. Though I was positively¬†surprised, the show was quite good and the warm-up act by Doc Brown was really funny.

It was also be the first time that I’ve visited Globen, which I’m, to be honest, quite indifferent to, but I’ll at least be able to say I’ve been there.


And I’ve finally tried out Sockerdricka, it’s one of those beverages that they always drink in the old Swedish movies (Astrid Lindgren and the likes). Can’t say I enjoyed it that much, tasted a bit like mead, but without the mead (if that makes any sense). I’ll give it a two, on a scale from one to ten. It’s a won’t buy again.